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January 20, 2013 • Crowdfunding

TabMount Tripod Adapter Will Take Your Tablet to New Heights


Project Title: tabMount – Tripod Adapter for iPad, iPad mini, & All Tablets

Status: Active

Closing Date for Funding: January 27, 2013

URL of the Project:

From the Creatives: “Imagine being able to mount your iPad, iPad mini, or whatever tablet you are currently using to a standard tripod. That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with the tabMount.”


Why I Backed It: I backed this project because I have used and/or reviewed every other product this company has offered and I have been consistently impressed. I reviewed the iStabilizer Dolly. (Read the review.) I bought my father-in-law the iStabilizer Glass right after he got his iPhone 5. And Carly used the iStabilizer Monopod during CES. (Read her post.) In each case the products exceeded expectations. For me that is reason enough to back a new project from them. In addition, the iPad mini has an excellent camera for both pictures and video. The idea of having a convenient and secure way to hold and handle it while shooting appeals to me. This looks to be a great solution.

I’m happy to be a backer and encourage you to click here and take a closer look.

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