MiPow Power Cube 8000M Backup Battery Review

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In today’s world of power-sucking mobile devices carrying a backup battery is a must. A reliable, quality battery that will safely charge your devices is important. In fact, that’s the most important feature in a backup battery. But as the MiPow SP8000 proves, having a good quality battery doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. The battery looks good, offers amazing capacity, has convenient features and has internal circuitry to protect the devices connected to it. It is currently Judie’s and my backup battery of choice. Let’s take a look.

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There are three styles of the SP8000 currently available. One includes a 30-pin Apple connector, another includes a microUSB connector and a third is designed to work with the new Apple Lightning connector.

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Here’s what MiPow has to say about the Power Cube 8000M and its microUSB connector:

Power Cube 8000M is a superb charging dock with multi functions, specially designed for any mobile phoned & gadgets interfaced with micro 5pin dock including Samsung, HTC, NOKIA, MOTOROLA and etc. It combines many chargers together as a whole one, really acts as a power aid for emergency. You just need take only one unit to substitute other mass of bulky chargers and supply your mobile devices with full battery specially when you are on-the-go.

And here’s MiPow’s promotional video for the line.

The MiPow SP8000 features:

• superb charging cube with vast capacity

• an ejected Micro USB charging cable in the slot, USB output included

• simultaneously charging for 2 mobile devices

• recharging micro USB included

• polished aluminum panels with glorious texture

• mac style battery level indicators

• specially designed for any mobile phoned & gadgets

• interfaced with micro 5pin dock including SAMSUNG, HTC, NOKIA, MOTOROLA and etc.

As we explained in our first post covering MiPow’s line of accessories,

Not only does MiPow manufacture their own cells for the external batteries they offer, but they also cycle each battery numerous times to guarantee it lives up to the standards they have set for their products. We’ve covered different external batteries, and we have never encountered a company that did this. This helps guarantee that, for example, batteries listed as 5500mAh batteries are certain to be 5500 mAh batteries. In addition, each battery has multiple circuit protections in place to guarantee the devices they charge are protected during the process. Indicator lights on the batteries and the cable don’t hurt either.

That means an 8000mAh battery is going to offer… 8000mAh of power. Judie and I have come to understand that you can’t assume that to be the case with all external batteries.

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While I would have loved to have the version of the SP8000 that includes the Lightning adapter, having one with a microUSB and a full-sized USB port means this battery is just about as universal as you are going to find. I like that… a lot.

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The Lithium-polymer battery has a capacity of 8000mAh, offers a voltage of 5V and puts out 2.1A. That means it is goof for my phone, my headsets and my tablets. Oh … and it is good for 500 recharge cycles.

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Add in the bright, attractive colors and the SP8000 is a functional accessory that looks good even though it really doesn’t need to.


Here’s a stock picture of the SP8000M being used to charge two Android phones at the same time. Good looks, high style, flexibility and excellent battery capacity make this battery a standout in an ever-more crowded marketplace. I am happy to have the SP8000. More importantly, Judie and I are both carrying it on a daily basis.You can learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $99

What I Like: 8000mAh of battery capacity that is a real 800mAh of charge; full-size USB port and a microUSB cable available so you can charge two devices at once; Brushed metal looks great; Includes carry case to keep the brushed metal surface clean

What Needs Improvement: I’ve being using it since CES and can’t find anything to criticize — 8000mAh may be too much for some users however

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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