Moog Releases Details of the ‘Sub Phatty’ for NAMM 2013

Moog Sub Phatty

The NAMM Winter Show for 2013 runs from January 24-27 and will showcase the best in music technology. We won’t be there, but will try to cover the coolest tech-focused music production gear coming out of the show.

The question in 1993 was ‘why would you want a two-oscillator analog synth’ … but in 2013 there isn’t even a question anymore, you simply NEED this sound! Regardless of advances in digital simulated, the Moog Filter sound has a depth that cannot be emulated as well as the original instrument. So when leaks came about Moog introducing a new affordable analog synth, interest was high!

And Moog didn’t disappoint, delivering details today on the new two-oscillator synthesizer will be Moog’s most affordable keyboard synth, at $999.

Here is what Moog is calling the ‘key features’:

?‘Vintage’ Moog sound
?25 Keys, 31 knobs and 13 switch controls
?Multidrive circuit technology for a gritty, saturated distortion
?Powerful square wave sub oscillator for deep thick bass tones
?Bold unique voice

Here are the specs:

Moog Sub Phatty Specifications:

?Sound Engine: Analog
?Number of Keys: 25
?Type of Keys: Semi Weighted
?Other Controllers: Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel
?Polyphony: Monophonic
?Sound Sources: 2 Variable Waveshape Oscillators, 1 Square Wave Sub Oscillator, 1 Noise Generator
?Mod Sources: Triangle, Square, Saw, Ramp, SH, Filter Envelope
?Mod Destinations: Pitch, Osc 2 Pitch Only, Filter, Waveshape
?Filter: Moog Ladder Filter 20Hz-20Khz
?Audio Input: 1xTS
?Audio Output: 1xTS, 1xTRS Headphone
?Presets: 4 Banks, 4 Patches Per Bank
?MIDI I/O: DIN In, Out, and MIDI over USB
?CV/Gate Inputs: Filter CV, Pitch CV, Volume CV, KB Gate
?Transposition: +/- 2 Octaves
?LFO: 0.1Hz-100Hz

Check out the demo video of Professor Herb Deutsch walking through the classic Moog sound:

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