Munitio Nines Earphones Review

Munitio Nines Earphones

Munitio Nines Earphones

Earphones, headphones, buds…it seems like I am in a constant search to find a great audio option to be used with my devices. I love trying them all out and experiencing the slight detail differences in the bass, highs and mids. Earphones come in all different shapes and colors, but rarely would I call them truly unique.

I recently had the opportunity to try out some Nines by Munitio, and can now say I have some unique earphones. Will the sound quality match the cool design? Let’s take a look.

Munitio Nines are definitely unique in that they look like a 9mm pistol round. They are machined from a single piece of copper alloy and covered in a gold titanium finish. The look and finish of the earphones was much better than I expected; they look exactly like a 9mm round with a silicone ear piece instead of a bullet. I was blown away by the weight of the earphones. They are not too heavy to wear by any means, but they do feel solid and well-built. I can tell much care and pride went in designing and producing the Nines.

Three sizes of Silicone Hollow Points replacement tips are included. The tips are soft and comfortable, and I found them to create a good seal keeping out most ambient noise. The earphones are definitely comfortable, and I experienced no ear fatigue. These could be used casually as well as running or biking with no worry of them falling out.

Munitio Nines Earphones

Munitio Nines Earphones

I have learned that the first piece to fail on earphones is usually the cables. I do not care how good they sound, if the plug and cables are of poor quality, they will not last long and destined to fail. The Nines sports Kevlar reinforced cloth-covered cables. This is great for protection and longevity, and it also looks and feels great. The plug is well designed and made from metal. All of these features add style and they look great, but most of all ensure the Nines can survive a truly mobile lifestyle.

Munitio Nines Earphones

Munitio Nines Earphones

To keep users connected while on the go, a suppressor mic complete with volume buttons is included. The mic is heavy-duty and works flawlessly on both my iPhone 5 and iPad. Calls sound great on the earphones and my wife could hear me loud and clear and actually could not tell we were talking through a microphone.

So, the Munitio Nines Earphones look great, and they are built with high quality, rugged materials. What about their sound quality?

The 9mm speaker drivers promise to bring a full range of audio quality. I have tried many earphones that sounded great, but it seems that they were always a bit lacking in highs, mids or bass response. For the most part, getting distortion-free bass along with crisp highs seems to be difficult.

I ran the Nines through my usual tests of spoken word, rock, hip-hop and Texas Country tracks and was impressed by the accurate sound quality of everything I listened to. The highs are crisp and clear but not overwhelming, while the mids are smooth. The Silicone Hollow Points help create what Munitio calls the Bass Enhancing Chamber, which provides thunderous bass free from distortion. While the bass is big and deep, it is still balanced with the other frequencies to give users a realistic, complete audio experience; I think I had forgotten just how much bass can round out a song.

Munitio Nines Earphones

Munitio Nines Earphones

I love the sound of the Munitio Nines, and I have made them my primary carry earphones. The design is cool, and the build quality ensures they will last for a long time. The audio quality is second to none with balanced frequencies and awesome bass. If you are looking for a pair of high quality earphones with a unique style, the Nines are perfect.

Munitio Nines Earphones

MSRP: $169.00

What I Like: The Nines are built to last and sound amazing. I love the unique 9mm ammo design.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing so far. These things are great!

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