Incipio Stanley Foreman iPhone 5 Case Review

Incipio Stanley Foreman iPhone 5 Case

Incipio Stanley Foreman iPhone 5 Case

Ruggedized iPhone 5 cases are all the rage, and Incipio has jumped into the market with their Stanley line of rugged iPhone 5 cases. Incipio was kind enough to send three of the cases along for review, and in this series of video reviews we’ll take a look at each of them. Make sure to watch each of the videos in the series since we will be giving all of the review samples away.

The first case up is the Incipio Stanley Foreman for the iPhone 5. This case offers good protection without adding too much bulk to the otherwise thin and light iPhone. And as with all the cases in this line, the Stanley Foreman comes with a belt clip holster. Is this the rugged iPhone 5 case for you?

The case comes with a clear screen protector, a microfiber cleaning cloth and an applicator card. The inclusion of a holster with a strong belt clip is great for those who like to carry their iPhone on their belt. I’m not one of them but you might be. This case really comes in at the middle of the Incipio Stanley line with regard to weight, bulk and protection. It adds bulk but it doesn’t add enough weight to qualify as a brick.

Incipio Stanley Foreman iPhone 5 Case

Incipio Stanley Foreman iPhone 5 Case

The Incipio Stanley Foreman isn’t the most protective case we have seen, but it does add a significant amount of protection without adding too much weight. Some may be drawn to the co-branding with Stanley. This doesn’t necessarily help sell me on this case, but it also doesn’t detract from the appeal of it either. If you are looking for a case that adds a fair bit of protection but doesn’t feel like you are wrapping your iPhone in a box, then this might be the case for you. If you want to know more, check out the color combinations and place your order directly from Incipio.

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Stylish looking case; Decent bump and drop protection; comes with a holster/belt clip; Includes scree protector

What Needs Improvement: Includes screen protector but no screen cover unless iPhone is in the holster “screen in”; Adds weight and bulk

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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  1. Do you need a case at all? I have always used one, but as I move around town, I see more and more “naked” iphones. Are these people foolish or am I? I rarely drop my phone and can’t remember the last time I did. I recently read a rant somewhere that no one “needs” a case, whatever that may mean, since one can want what one doesn’t need. You, like me, use a case, so I am curious why. One thing for sure: I would never use a case like this bulky one (or the Otterbox ones used by my wife and daughter, but then they shove their phones into handbags).

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