HEX Cabana Messenger Bag Review

HEX Cabana Messenger Bag

HEX Cabana Messenger Bag

We’ve looked at a lot of messenger bags over the years but we have never seen one quite like the HEX Cabana Messenger Bag. The HEX Cabana Messenger Bag looks like a simple cloth messenger bag made from a striped cloth that offers interest without overwhelming the eye. It is a simple cloth messenger bag made from a striped cloth that offers interest without overwhelming the eye but it has a trick up its sleeve behind its front flap. You see, the HEX Cabana Messenger Bag was made with the iPad-lover in mind. It not only lets you carry a laptop as large as the 15″ MacBook pro, but it holds your full-size iPad and gives you access to it on the go.

HEX Fleet Messenger Bag

My review sample of the HEX Cabana Messenger Bag

As you can see HEX Cabana Messenger Bag is a stylish bag made from waxed canvas in a conductor stripe pattern. I’m rather mixed on the look of the fabric, but it is pretty clear to me that, with my affinity for clean simple lines and dark solid color, I’m not the target audience for the HEX Fleet Messenger Bag. (As Judie put it in her review of the  Trina Turk for M-Edge MacBook case, “I’ve [also] been guilty of playing it safe bland by keeping my mobile devices inside black, brown, and beige accessories.) I have to give HEX credit here for making a bag that is simple and light, but it is still solid and well-made.

The HEX Cabana Messenger Bag has a partitioned main compartment that includes an interior slot for up to a 15″ laptop. The laptop area is fleece-lined to protect the computer. And while organization is at a minimum, the HEX Cabana Messenger Bag does include a pen and card organizer. A rear pocket that is held closed by a small piece of Velcro rounds out the bag’s storage.

HEX Cabana Messenger Bag

The HEX Cabana Messenger Bag’s PadPort waiting to be “iPadded”.

What makes the HEX Cabana Messenger Bag stand out is the company’s PadPort. The PadPort is essentially a frame that holds your iPad in place beneath the bag’s main flap. Lift the flap and you have immediate access to your iPad’s screen. Not only is it a pretty cool idea but it gives you access to your iPad on-the-go without your needing to put down the bag, open it, grab your iPad, use your iPad and then put the tablet back inside. That kind of convenience will be greatly appreciated by those who use their iPad on the go.

The HEX Cabana Messenger Bag is well executed. The waxed canvas looks and feels nice, and the web shoulder strap is securely anchored to the bag. I don’t love the lack of padding but, then again, the HEX Cabana Messenger Bag wasn’t designed for carrying a heavy weight. So long as you are carrying a light to medium load the straps use by the company should be fine.

The HEX Cabana Messenger Bag is one of those bags whose concept is more attractive to me than the actual product. I love the PadPort idea, but I honestly don’t know how much I would actually use it. I do, however, think an iPad-toting urbanite would find it to be quite useful. Learn more and order yours on the ShopHex website.

MSRP: $79.95

What I Like: Well made; Reinforced seems; Can carry up to a 15″ MacBook Pro; PadPort offers quick, convenience access to your iPad.

What Needs Improvement: Shoulder strap offers no padding and no way to replace; Bag flap offers some padding but the iPad screen will remain a bit vulnerable

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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