MiPow Boom and MiPow Boom Mini Ready for US Launch

MiPow Boom

As we wrote back in January, MiPow is planning a huge move into the US market this year. The company, which is well-known in other parts of the world, makes an assortment of lifestyle accessories including external batteries, headphones and now… Bluetooth speakers. We had a chance to check out pre-production samples of the MiPow Boom and MiPow Boom Mini Bluetooth speakers in Las Vegas and were impressed. Now we have our hands on the first review samples of each and we are going to put them through some extensive use during out review. First, though, since these are the very first review samples of the MiPow Boom and MiPow Boom Mini we thought we might unbox each.

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First up is the MiPow Boom Bluetooth Speaker. It offers up to 10 hours of continuous audio (we suspect it will do much better than that and will put that to the test, gets 300 hours of talk time and offers an amazing standby time of 1800 hours thanks to its 1700mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer battery. The MiPow Boom has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, supports Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) and supports all the current audio and video profiles. Voice prompts and the ability to Answer, Reject, Hang up calls make it a well-rounded speakerphone! It will even connect to PCs and Macs!

Here’s our unboxing of the MiPow Boom Bluetooth Speaker.

The Boom will have an MSRP of $124.99 when it goes on sale. You can learn more here.

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The MiPow Boom mini is the smaller of the two upcoming speakers. It will be just $69. The MiPow Boom mini features Bluetooth V4.0 low energy technology and Multi-Point technology so you can pair two different devices at a single time. The MiPow Boom mini’s built-in battery supports up to 10 hours talk time and 3-5 hours of continuous music play yet it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The built-in microphone and bi-directional noise redactor round out a speaker that is absolutely tiny but puts out HUGE sound. How huge is the sound produced by the MiPow Boom mini? I just played it for three co-workers while their eyes were shut. When they opened them and saw how small the MiPow Boom mini is each said pretty much the same thing each time , “Oh MY! Where do I buy one?”

The answer to their question? Right now you can’t … but you CAN learn more here and we’ll let you know when this diminutive speaker goes on sale. Here’s our unboxing.

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