Tom Bihn Introduces the Synapse 25

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Tom Bihn Introduces the Synapse 25 Listen to this article

Tom Bihn Introduces the Synapse 25

I love all of my Tom Bihn bags for multiple reasons.  From the Aeronaut to the Synapse, they are all high quality bags and each one of them still looks like brand new — even with repeated trips over the years I have owned them.  Plus every bag is made right here in the United States!  You can’t say that about most backpacks and bags these days!

Tom Bihn Introduces the Synapse 25

Tom Bihn now has a new and improved version of one of my favorites, the Synapse.  The new Synapse 25 isn’t just a bigger version of the Synapse (now called the Synapse 19); they took the extra space they got when they enlarged the design and made some of the other pockets larger and more functional.  While I really liked the Synapse 19, there were times when I wished I could take it, but could not as it just wasn’t big enough — like when going to an outdoor event where I would need to store rain gear and other outdoor essentials.  With the Synapse 25, I can take this to a HAM fest like the Dayton Hamvention and have plenty of space for extra radio gear, water, sun block and rain gear which I will need when I go digging for finds in the Flea Market.

The Synapse 25 is now up for pre-order at a price of $170; orders will ship in mid May.

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