No Scream Cream – Waxing Poetic (and Pain Free) in Jamaica

No Scream Cream

I’m on vacation in Jamaica with my wife, Elana, her brother Rob and Rob’s girlfriend, Alison. We had a casual breakfast in our villa this morning, after which Rob headed to the beach to read. I lingered a bit too long over my last cup of coffee and, as a result, had the opportunity to hear a FASCINATING conversation on shaving, electrolysis, and waxing. (It made me happier than ever to have been born male.)

So why am I sharing this here on Gear Diary? Because Alison told Elana about the “best product ever” in this regard – Relax and Wax and their No Scream CreamNo Scream Cream - Waxing Poetic (and Pain Free) in Jamaica. She absolutely swears by it, and, as a result, Elana placed an order for herself and a few friends.

No Scream Cream
Here’s what Alison had to say about the No Scream Cream.

“No Scream Cream eliminates almost all of the pain from waxing because it numbs “everything.”

As she explained, “It literally makes it so you don’t feel the otherwise harsh pain.” Moreover, Alison says the No Scream Cream “is easy to use, and it doesn’t ruin your clothing,” I asked what she meant by that, and she explained that you put the No Scream Cream on 45 minutes before you are getting waxed and, once dried, can put your clothes on without fear of it staining your clothes. And, unlike other products, it stays on. In addition, Alison said, it doesn’t prevent the wax from grabbing the hair and pulling it out.

As Alison put it, “I especially like it because it is gentle on all you body parts.” (Personally, I took that to mean it is gentle on Alison’s legs, but do what you want with that.)

No Scream Cream

The company sells a “survival kit” on the company website, but you can also buy it through Amazon. You can check out the company website here. You can get the No Scream CreamNo Scream Cream - Waxing Poetic (and Pain Free) in Jamaica here on Amazon.

I can’t wait to hear what tomorrow’s breakfast conversation is. 🙂

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