Sony’s DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars Let You See (and Record) Clearly Now

Remember when binoculars were just simply devices you placed to your eyes to get a closer look at something that was a bit too far for your eyes alone? Well those days are long past and Sony’s new DEV-50V Digital Binoculars are packed with features to let you not only get a better look but to also record what you see in the process.

The DEV-50V is the second generation of binoculars offered by Sony. Sure, the $2000 binoculars let you get a closer look but for two grand they had better do much more than that. They do. In addition to autofocus, image stabilization and flexible zoom capability, the DEV-50V can record full AVCHD 2.0 video with stereo sound or snap 20.4 megapixel still photos. How cool is that!?!

As Hidenori Toyoda, director of the camcorder business at Sony Electronics notes,

With the DEV-50V, you can observe wildlife in a way no other binoculars can achieve. Couple that with its ability to capture impressive photos and video, and you have an innovative device that outperforms the competition on all levels.

This second generation of Sony digital binoculars are 30% lighter than their predecessors and offer both splash and dust-resistance. That makes them great for travel. And these aren’t just some gimmicky binoculars with a built-in camera. No, the digital zoom on the DEV-50V go from 0.8x up to 25x. As Sony notes, that rivals traditional high-powered binoculars.

The binoculars pack impressive technology that makes them easy to use and offer terrific clarity and color as you zoom in on your subject. Separate images for left and right eyes are captured by precision G Lens optics with “Exmor R” CMOS sensors and powerful BIONZ processors. This yields a “true stereoscopic view of the world as well as a 3D mode that records scenes in thrilling 3D video for playback on virtually any 3D-compatible TV”.

The DEV-50V also include a built-in GPS receiver that automatically geo-tags video clips and photos. A high-capacity rechargeable battery pack provides up to three hours of 2D recording on a single charge. The binoculars will be $2000 when they ship in June and will come with a battery charger/adaptor, A/V connecting cable and USB cable for PC connection, as well as a lens cover, finder cap, carrying case, neck strap and large eyecups.

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