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May 13, 2013 • News

Amazon Introduces Coins for Kindle Fire Users


My sons will be super excited to learn that Amazon has provided their Kindle accounts with 500 free Amazon Coins which is basically worth $5. The company just announced the coins which can be used to buy apps, games and in app purchases from the Amazon App Store and on the Kindle Fire. While it sounds like each is worth a penny, it is actually an even better deal since there are discounts when users buy additional coins in bulk. Savings of up to 10% can be attained buying the coins, so if/when you stock up, go big!

I can see these being a great way to provide an allowance for kids to make purchases on their Kindle Fires. We have two Fires in our household, and the boys are totally restricted on what they can download. This will give them an option to pick a few things that are not free while saving us a bit of money.

Google ChromeAmazon Coins are available to purchase just like any other item from the website. As you can see there are five denominations of coins each with a different discount. Read more about the coins here, or just go purchase some here.

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