Domeo Recliner Folio iPad Case Review

A good case on an iPad is a must have; not only do you need protection but also some function for many uses in different situations. I prefer cases that double as a stand while also providing some protection. Folio cases are also among my favorites since they easily close like a folder and keep the iPad covered when not in use. I recently had the opportunity to try out the Recliner Folio from Domeo; let’s take a look.


The Recliner Folio looks like most folio style cases, as it folds together to look like a notebook or folder. The case sports a tri-fold design; the flap that holds it closed is held in place with a magnet and will fold out of the way when in use. I like this design because it is easy to use and opens and closes quickly. I never had an issue with the flap opening when it was not supposed to, so my iPad stays safe and sound in the folio. The outside of the case is a soft faux leather material. The material feels good in hand, and it also provides some non-slip traction when the case is resting on a table or other surface. All of the ports and buttons are easily accessible, and the camera opening allows for full functionality.


Installing the iPad is simple. It snaps into a plastic bracket and is held quit snug in place. I was happy that the custom skin my wife had made for the back of my iPad still worked with the case. I have tried several others that would not snap in place with the film installed. Another reason I like the bracket design is that the entire iPad screen is uncovered while in use. I do not care for a frame around the iPad’s screen that keeps my fingers from being able to move all around. One of the best features of the Recliner Folio is the bubble wrap design of the inside cover.


The screen is completely protected by the bubble filled side while closed, and the auto sleep function works with installed magnets. When in use, the bubbles provide seven viewing angles for the iPad. The plastic bracket that holds the iPad pulls out and rides along the bubble rows. This changes the viewing angle making the Recliner great for any situation.


The Domeo Recliner Folio iPad case is a simple, yet highly usable case option. It keeps my iPad protected when not in use, and it allows me to adjust to seven viewing angles, making the case great for any place it is used. While using this case, my iPad has taken several tumbles, but it was completely protected thanks to the inside bubble wrap design. The Recliner is a great option for anyone who prefers folio style iPad cases.

Domeo Recliner Folio iPad Case

MSRP: $59.99

What I Like: Full protection along with multiple viewing angles.

What Needs Improvement: When closed, the iPad is protected, but the front flap could be a bit tighter. While the iPad is safe, the entire case kind of rolls when carrying.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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