The iPad in Action In Las Vegas!


This morning was my last morning in Vegas. Yes, CES is over. As I was checking out of the hotel I noticed something I had missed when I checked in on Monday. The simple LCD screens at the front desk aren’t screens at all. No, they are iPads that have been secured into the desks with a bezel wrapping around them. The only thing that gave them away as iPads was the telltale button that remained exposed at one side.

The iPads were not being used as simple screens though. No, they were used to display the bill, interact with the person checking out and they even let people sign their bill with a finger. (The new Kensington stylus would do even better!)

The functionality was quite cool and it drove home the degree to which Apple already has a clear advantage- I can’t see a hotel like this putting in the time or financial investment to change tablets any time soon… no matter how good any of the new Android tablets are!

Have you seen an iPad in action like this? Share in the comments!

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