Scosche RH1056md Headphones Review – They Will Rock Your World

Scosche RH1056md Headphones

To say that I have been impressed with the Scosche RH1056MD Reference Grade On Ear Headphones with tapLINE Remote and Microphone would be an understatement. It is not that these are the best sounding or most comfortable over-the-ear headphones on the market; they aren’t. But they do look good, fit and sound quite good, and for under $150, they are an excellent value.

The RH1056MD reference headphones, which ship with an abundant collection of accessories that add even more value to an already impressive package, have 40mm drivers and are designed with a custom blend of mylar, precision wound copper voice coils, rare-earth neodymium magnets and leather ear cushions. Honestly, I had to check and recheck the price of the RH 1056MD headphones since $149.99 seemed far too inexpensive for what Scosche has put together here.

Let’s take a closer look at these headphones, which have an MSRP of $149.99, but are available on Amazon for even less.

Scosche RH1056md Headphones

I’ve been rather critical of companies that don’t include a carrying case for their high-end headphones or, just as bad, include a soft cheap bag that does little to protect the product. The fact that Scosche ships the RH1056MD headphones with both a soft-shell protective case and a light bag struck me as an example of a company going the extra mile to make sure consumers feel like they are getting significant value.

Scosche RH1056md Headphones

That, however, was just the beginning. Inside the soft case, Scosche includes a cable with tapLINE III remote and mic, a straight cable, a gold plated 3.5mm to 3/4 ” adapter, a PC adapter for gaming/VOiP, and a cleaning cloth. They could have saved more than a few shekels by reducing the number of included accessories and not lost any perceived value, but they didn’t. I was, and am, impressed. The cable with the tapLINE III remote and mic is a nice piece of kit. The 6.5ft tangle-free flat cable has a goldplated 3.5mm connector and feels substantial.

Scosche RH1056md Headphones

The in-line control is solid and offers decent feedback as you use it to play, pause, change the volume and skip tracks. Many inline controls feel like they are slapped onto the cable and might fall off at any moment; that is anything but the case here with the RH1056MD headphones. Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, it is Siri compatible.

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Scosche made an interesting design choice when they opted to keep the in-line microphone separate from the tapLINE III remote. I’m not a big fan of using headphones like this for phone calls or dictation, but I do like knowing I can if I need or want to.

Scosche RH1056md Headphones

The headphones are largely made from plastic but they feel substantial. The design, which definitely brings the RH1056MD headphones into the “fashion headphone category”, is definitely a bow to Beat’s initial Studio offering. The ear cups are made from memory foam covered in leather. They seal quite nicely around the ear and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Scosche RH1056md Headphones

The headphones are able to collapse. And while I would not call the headphones, when folded, particularly small, having them fold up does make it easier to store and/or carry them. The stainless steel hinges feel quite sturdy and lock into place with an audible click. As Scosche notes, “Fully adjustable headband combined with the 2 axis gimbal system ensures a flawless fit every time”. In all the build-quality on the RH1056md headphones is impressive and I expect they will hold up quite well over time.

Scosche RH1056md Headphones


Gold plated Stereo 3.5mm to 1/4in adapter

Conforms to ROHS, EN-71 and WEEE standards

Driver size: ?40mm

Impedance: 32?

Frequency Range: 15Hz to 30KHz

Sensitivity: 105dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz (IEC-318 I/P Level: 1mW)

Rated Power : 20mW

Max Power: 40mW

Angled 3.5mm Plug

Robust Strain Reliefs

Folding Design

Scosche RH1056md Headphones

The RH1056md headphones have 40mm drivers. “precision wound copper voice coils” and “rare-earth neodymium magnets”. In addition, each ear cup has a “ported sound chamber”. (That’s the reason for the small grill on each one.) This air chamber help “provide the exact air space necessary for optimal component performance”. The result of these quality materials and well-conceived design is sound that is quite good.

How good is good? I suspect anyone but the most particular audiophile will be more than happy with the Scosche RH1056ma headphones. And at a price of $149.99 (as compared to $279.95 for the Beats Studio headphones) they are not only a smart purchase, but they are a good deal as well. You can learn more here.

Scosche RH1056md Headphones


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MSRP: $149.99

What I Like: Come with hard and soft carrying case; Two tangle-free cables included; In cable has an excellent in-line remote and microphone; Headphones feel quite sturdy; Headphones sound quite good

What Needs Improvement: A bit light on the bass

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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