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July 8, 2013 • News

Skooba Design Introduces New Mini Checkpoint-Friendly Bag for Subcompact Laptops

Checkthrough Mini Security Brief

If you travel a great deal, then you know that small things can make a huge difference during a journey. For example, getting through security quickly can mean the difference between starting a trip stressed out or feeling relatively relaxed. That’s where Checkpoint-Friendly bags come in handy. These bags allow you to move through the security screening without having to go through the hassle of pulling your laptop out of your bag and laying it in a separate bin. And while remove-screen-replace may not SOUND like a big deal, each item with which you need to deal during the chaos of security is an additional item that may well be lost or forgotten in the shuffle.

If you carry a small, subcompact laptop we’ve got good news for you. Skooba Design is about to announce a new checkpoint-Friendly bag designed just for you. The Checkthrough Mini Security Brief, an ultra-lightweight and compact bag designed for small computer like the 11” and 13” MacBook.

Checkthrough Mini Security Brief

As Skooba explains,

The New Mini Brief has all the styling, quality and features of a high-end business case, but the laptop is secured in a built-in padded sleeve in an isolated rear compartment that unzips and hinges open 180-degrees, for unobstructed X-ray screening. The laptop is secured in its sleeve by an adjustable security strap, so once through screening, the Checkthrough compartment is simply closed, zipped, and ready to go.

Checkthrough Mini Security Brief
The Skooba Design Checkthrough Mini Security Brief is designed for serious work. It features a front compartment with padded organizers for portable electronics, a mesh pocket for keeps cord and cables tidy, pen pockets, a key ring, and much more. There is room for file folders, pads and documents in a large main section and, of course, a padded space for your laptop. The bag also comes with Slooba’s Superbungee shock-absorbing shoulder strap and has a “trolley strap” for used with rolling luggage. It has all those features and the protection for which Skooba is known, and yet the $149.95 bag weighs just 36 ounces. It will be announced later this week and shipping at the end of the month. If you want a closer look or to place your order now however, you can click here.

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