Jillian’s Drawers Makes Trying Cloth Diapers Economical and Fun!

Jillian's Drawers Makes Trying Cloth Diapers Economical and Fun!

My son may be small, but he has quite a bit of gear amassed already. Bottles, pacifiers, “soothing vibration” in just about any accessory he can lay or sit on…he’s got quite the stash of baby stuff, all of which is constantly being refined and retooled by manufacturers as design and technology improve. Even items that most people think of as “old-fashioned”, like cloth diapers, have undergone a major revolution and style change. Since disposable diapers are both pricey and not great for the environment, Sarah and I are anxious to try our hand at cloth diapers. However, there’s what feels like a million different versions and variations, and the individual diapers can range from $15-$25, so we’re not about to buy a whole bunch of styles and see what works. Luckily for us, we found a retailer with a very compelling sales pitch: At Jillian’s Drawers, they will let you “try cloth for $10”! How? Find out below!

The program they offer is a trial run of cloth diapers. You pay around $105 for an assortment of diapers (exact price varies by which diapers they put in your trial box), and you have 21 days to try them, figure out which styles you like, what fits your baby, what leaks and what doesn’t, and return what you don’t like. Anything you return gets credited back to you, and anything you keep comes out of the $105 you paid. If you return everything, you get a refund of $95, and Jillian’s Drawers keeps $10 to cover shipping costs. They give you a few of each type of cloth diaper from a number of manufacturers, so you truly can try just about everything for very little risk!

I didn’t know anything about cloth diapers before we started researching them, and the experience has been pretty eye-opening. They range from all-in-one diapers, where the absorbent insides are sewn into the diaper, to pocket-style diapers, where you stuff the absorbent layer into the diaper, to shells that cover the old-fashioned prefolded diapers (the flat kind we all think of when we hear “cloth diaper”). Our trial box arrived yesterday, and it contained pocket diapers, all-in-ones, and two kinds of prefolds and a cover. Jillian’s Drawers also helpfully included washing instructions for the first use, as well as subsequent use, and explained how to wash the diapers if we had a regular washer or a high-efficiency style one.

We aren’t sure what style will work yet for our son (he’s long and on the lean side, so what fits him may not fit a chunkier baby and vice versa), and we’re really not sure if the extra cleaning and upkeep of cloth diaper will fit into our household flow, but we’re excited to find out! And Jillian’s Drawers is making it pretty easy-if this experiment fails, we’re out $10, instead of being out $100+ to try this on our own. Worst case, we’re back in Pampers by the end of next week, but if this works out, we’ll be able to build a stash of reusable, economical, and marginally more environmentally friendly diapers. Plus they look cuter than disposables!

As we test out the diapers I will follow up with a review of the diapers we’re testing. If you have any tips, questions, or thoughts, let us know in the comments!


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