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August 9, 2013 • News

Pearl Guitar Brings Realistic Sound To The iPad

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Amidio Inc. has just introduced a super realistic sounding guitar application for the iPad. No need to carry a full-sized instrument and case when on the go when you can make your iPad sound like the real thing. The $2.99 app is modeled after a 1979 Martin & Co. dreadnaught guitar complete with realistic resonance and string noise.

I certainly do not own a 1979 Martin steel string acoustic guitar, but would love to. Amidio’s Pearl Guitar app is a carefully tuned replica of the classic guitar stuffed into an iPad. The sound is actually quite stunning complete with string noise, realistic body resonance and the warm tones one would expect from such an amazing guitar. The developer designed the strumming to feel and react realistically with the extra sounds heard from a real guitar depending on speed and hand placement. A metronome and conga drum machine are included to provide a beat and help the groove flow. The SoloBoard feature allows single notes to be played within a scale with the ability to bend strings and slide between frets. 

The standard version costs $2.99 and includes 16 popular chords. A premium version is available via in app purchase which includes over 1000 chords and variations. iOS devices have become an interesting possibility in music creation. I think an app with the ability to not only replicate the string sounds of the guitar, but also palm muting and body taps take the genre to a new level. Watch the video to get a good look at the app and hear the sounds and check out the Amidio website to watch more videos and listen to audio examples.

Pearl Guitar $2.99 for iPad

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