TouchRetouch HD for iOS review

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TouchRetouch HD for iOS review Listen to this article
TouchRetouch HD for iOS review
Call me jaded, but it is increasingly rare that an iPhone or iPad app really grabs my attention. It is even less common that ones makes me go “Wow, oh wow. Wow wow wow wow wow wow !!”
But when an iPad application can render the image you see at the top of this post… when the actual image is this one…
TouchRetouch HD for iOS review
And it can all be done in a matter of minutes using just your iPad and a finger… Now THAT is impressive. And THAT is what the app touchRetouch HD can do.
TouchRetouch HD for iOS review

The app is surprisingly simple to use although I highly recommend watching the introductory video that opens when you first launch the app. There are a few different tools that let you pull out portions of an image or, if you like, move or add images that weren’t originally there. These include erase, stamp and, my favorite, the lasso.

Here’s a quick look at how I pulled a key element out of this image.

First I tapped the lasso button and began tracing the outline of the element I want to remove. What’s neat is that as I began to trace the area that one portion of the image was shown enlarged in a window on the right. This let me become far more accurate than I might otherwise have been.

TouchRetouch HD for iOS review
Once I was happy with my tracing job and lifted my finger that area turned red. I then tapped the right-pointing triangle.
TouchRetouch HD for iOS review
The app then processed the image for a few minutes. And when it was done…
TouchRetouch HD for iOS review
That element was gone. Gone as in… You would never know it was actually there. Gone as in… I cannot believe I was able to do that using my finger and an iPad. Gone as in… You really can’t believe what you see.
TouchRetouch HD for iOS review

What is also great about the app is that settings are few in number and easy to understand. While it does take a bit of practice to learn how to get the app to do what you want within an amazing short amount of time I was able to do things with images that I never imagined possible.

Just $.99 in the iTunes App Store. Grab it here.

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What I Like: Amazingly powerful editing too that is easy to use and renders impressive results

What Needs to Be Improved: Nothing. I cannot believe this app is under a buck

Thanks to Jimmy for the headsup

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