Photo Sharing – An App that Makes Sharing Photos Simple

Photo Sharing - An App that Makes Sharing Photos Simple

Looking for an easy way to send lots of pictures on your iPhone through email?  If so, Photo Sharing by Giacomo Guglielmi, is the perfect app for you.  It allows you to send as many pictures as you want, including full albums, directly from your phone to your friend’s inbox.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve unofficially traded in your point and shoot digital camera for the camera on your iPhone.  With the quality of the smartphone camera increasing with each new phone, I almost never need to use my old digital camera, unless of course, I’m on my Honeymoon in Maui.

One drawback of using the iPhone as my main camera is the inconvenience of sharing a large number of photos quickly and efficiently.  Sending pictures through email becomes frustrating when you need to send more than five pictures at a time.  Texting pictures can also be quite slow and tedious.  Dropbox works great, but not if the recipient does not have an account.  Recently, I downloaded an app called Photo Sharing, created by Giacomo Guglielmi.

Photo Sharing - An App that Makes Sharing Photos Simple

This app, that I scored for free through App Gratis, allows me to email as many pictures as I want in one email.  I can even email an entire album if I want.   The process is extremely simple.  Open the app.  Click “GO!”.  Choose your pictures.  Send your email.  I tested this out by sending Perry 30 pictures, and I was surprised by how quickly the app sent them and Perry received them.  The app now costs $0.99 through the app store, and for such a reasonable price to easily share photos through email, it’s worth considering.

Check it out in the App Store.

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