I Have A Confession: I’m Addicted to Sporcle

I Have A Confession:  I'm Addicted to Sporcle

I first heard about Sporcle on the Howard Stern show.  Howard was joking that his crew spends most of their time, time when they should all be working, playing on the site.

What’s Sporcle?

Sporcle is a trivia based web site and not only is it super addicting, it’s super fun.  Well of course it is right?  I mean what’s addicting that’s not fun … at least in the beginning?

The site features a ton of short user and site created “quizzes” where you have to name as many of the correct answers as you can in the given time constraints.  The quizzes are broken out into several categories and you can choose to browse through them or simply have the site give you a random test.

I Have A Confession:  I'm Addicted to Sporcle

For example, can you name all 50 U.S. States in under 10 minutes?  Spelling counts too as the site only recognizes when you type the answer correctly (I have noticed it’ll accept answers that are “close.”)

I Have A Confession:  I'm Addicted to Sporcle

What’s nice about the game is most of the quizzes only take a few minutes to play so you can pop in anytime and challenge yourself.

Can you name all the body parts the contain only 3 letters in under 2 minutes?

I Have A Confession:  I'm Addicted to Sporcle

Once you register and create an account, which is totally optional and isn’t required to play, you’ll be able to link your account to popular social networking sites.  Currently you can connect to both Facebook and Twitter and the site will automatically send your game play results out to your friends/followers.  You also view your stats, upload profile information and create and publish your own quizzes.

There’s also an iPhone application, too.

I Have A Confession:  I'm Addicted to Sporcle

The game is available in the iTunes App Store for 99 cents and features similar game play to the web version.  You can play the same trivia games and log into your account as well.

Try the game online here, and then head to the iTunes App Store to grab the iPhone OS version here (link opens iTunes).

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