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September 2, 2013 • Gear Bits

‘Cuddle Mattress’ Highlighted on NPR Innovation Series

Cuddle Mattress

Cuddle Mattress

You don’t get a long-lasting relationship without actually wanting to spend significant time with another person. And since we spend a significant amount of our life in bed, cuddling seems like a great way to enhance time together – but at a cost of possible circulation and nerve damage. The ‘Cuddle Mattress’ has an innovative way to solve those!

Inventor Mehdi Mojtabavi was highlighted on NPR this week because of his innovative design. It divides the upper and lower portions of the bed into a series of slats. Side sleepers can wedge their arm — or stomach sleepers can wedge their feet — in between these slats. Each slat has a firm and a soft side, which you can flip depending on your sleeping preference. The slats come in three different materials: latex, polyurethane or polyurethane memory foam. The mattress also comes with its own stretchable, fitted sheets.

After winning a 2007 Red Dot award and being a 2008 Industrial Designers Society of America finalist, production has not yet begun because Mojtabavi moved and started a new job in 2007 that has been very demanding and left little time. But he is currently seeking funding to get the product moved into manufacturing.

Check out the video:

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