Check Out this Awesome Recreation of the Original Star Tours Disney Ride!

Check Out this Awesome Recreation of the Original Star Tours Disney Ride!

Have you ever taken a ride on Star Tours at Disney? The first time we went as a family in 2001 was on a Star Wars Weekend, and taking the Star Tours ride was a major part of the fun for all of us. We rode it again the other two trips we made, and it possesses great memories, although it is clear that it is time for a revamp.

This year the ride gets that revamp – but an independent film maker has recreated the entire ride in a 2D and 3D video experience! Here are some details:

In time to help celebrate Star Tours’ 25th anniversary at Disneyland, independent filmmaker Gregory Noacco has recreated the original Star Tours ride in incredible detail, using 3-D computer graphics to once again make the attraction available for all to enjoy. It took more than 6 months of diligent labor to model and animate everything originally seen in the ride, including the loading area and Starspeeder 3000, Rex, the “first time” RX-24 pilot droid, and all the iconic scenes that were part of the ride’s film, such as the climactic Death Star battle, with R2-D2 helping to navigate throughout.

Here is the 2D version of the ride fully re-rendered:

Head here for more details or to experience the full 3D version!

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