iKlip Stand for iPad by IK Multimedia Hands-On Review

iKlip Stand

iKlip Stand

The iKlip Stand is the next in the line of high-quality iPad stands for musical applications. The original was a microphone stand attachment for iPad and iPhone, and the iKlip Studio provides a portable stand for the iPad. The new iKlip Stand is a robust desk stand that is the best of all worlds, just use caution when assembling!


Here are some of the features:

  • •iKlip Stand for iPad: Desktop riser stand for iPad 2 & iPad 3rd and 4th Generation
  • •iKlip Stand for iPad mini: Desktop riser stand for the iPad mini
  • •Sturdy, robust thermoplastic with metal reinforced base
  • •Tall enough to fit a keyboard, mixer or other studio device underneath
  • •Two independent articulations for maximum flexibility
  • •Adjustable viewing angle
  • •iPad orientation can switch from portrait to landscape
  • •Available as a stand or desk clamp system

iKlip Stand 2

Overall Impressions

A stand has a fairly mundane but incredibly important job – to hold something vital in a way that is usable yet keep it safe. And a portable stand has a tougher job. It needs to be sturdy enough to provide the same functionality, yet light and small enough to go with you. The iKlip Studio does a great job at this, with an emphasis on portability.

The need for something like the iKlip Stand became obvious as we reworked our basement and the kids redesigned their music spaces. Suddenly we had a keyboard on a table with an iPad on the iKlip Studio behind it, and needed to prop it up to get it to the right level.

Enter the iKlip Stand! The iKlip Stand is designed to have something sit on top of it such as a keyboard or mixer or DJ controller. Then you can easily access the iPad touchscreen in a way that is convenient and ergonomic.

The iPad is held in place by sliding into form-fitted grooves that constrain it on both sides and the bottom. This has a couple of consequences: it means that you need to keep the open end to the top or side, it means that the stand will only fit the exact device, and it means that you cannot have your iPad in a case.

iKlip Stand 3

Some assembly is required regardless of whether you’re using the Stand in a desktop or desk-mounted configuration. You need to assemble all of the articulated elements, and then choose which base to use. This is where I had an issue – the stand is held to the base with an o-ring and a twist-ring, which proved overly rigid and led to me getting a decent cut on my hand as shown. For the video I resorted to hand tools to assemble the other stand.

One of the best things about the iKlip Stand is the multiple points of articulation – you can easily position your iPad relative to whatever instrument setup you are using in a way that works best for yourself and the apps you’re using.

MSRP: $29.99 at IK Multimedia Store

What I Like: Great design; rugged; portable for easy storage and travel; great range of angles.

What Needs Improvement: Difficult base assembly; cannot have any case or cover on your iPad

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

Here is my hands-on review:

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