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When it became clear Judie was going all-in with the iPad mini she dropped over $200 on an Orbino Padova mini leather case. I thought she was nuts to spend that much… until I saw it. The case is gorgeous and I absolutely love the review sample Orbino was kind enough to send over for a second-look review.  

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Let’s first take a look at the images Judie shot of her Padova mini and then take a look at it on camera.

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So that’s the Orbino Padova mini leather case Judie has been using for almost a year. I saw it last July and it looked brand new despite the fact that she has taken it pretty much everywhere since it first arrived. That’s now the same for me so let’s take a look at mine on camera and then look a bit more closely.

Is that not a gorgeous case? Sure it is pricey but I cannot fully express what a pleasure it is to use my iPad mini when it is in this work of leather artistry.

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The leather is of the finest quality you will find and the finish, from the tanning to the sticking is at the level of artisanship one would expect from fine handmade leather goods.

The design of the Padova mini keeps the delicate corners of the iPad nicely protected while the bottom cutout leaves the speakers and Lightning connector exposed.

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Just look at that stitching! Now look at the hardware used to connect the flap of the case to the body. It is both refined and functional and the hinge actually becomes a design-feature. It is that kind of attention to detail that one expects… and gets… with a case like this.

As you can see in the middle of the case’s back there is a slight bump in the leather and two holes- one small and round, the other longer and oval. These receive and hold the included stand hardware. Thanks to the design you have the option to use the stand or leave it out. In fact, you can even use it when you want and remove it if you do not expect to need it for a while.

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The stand integrates into the case quite nicely and looks like it belongs there. It does. Then again, the case looks just fine without it. I like that.

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Here’s a closer look at the stand and the thumbscrew that holds it in place. A few rotations of the round metallic piece is all it takes to lock the stand into place and begin using it.

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As you can see, the cutout for the iPad mini’s camera is perfectly sized and positioned. This is a case that truly raised the level of the iPad mini’s looks and the enjoyment of using it to an entirely new level. It is… luxury at its finest.

I’ll stick with Judie’s original summary of the case’s pros and cons.

MSRP: Plain leather cases are $209; exotic skins are either $569 for ostrich or $689 for crocodile.

What I Like: Absolutely gorgeous leather in a note-pad style case; beautiful hand-assembled leather; does not add a lot of weight or bulk to the iPad mini; the case cover can be used to stand the iPad mini in portrait or landscape orientation; truly one of the finest leather cases available at any price

What Needs Improvement: The magnetized cover does not always turn the screen off when closed; it seems like the price should be a little bit less for the miniPadova than it is for the full-size Padova, but alas …

Source: Judie- Personal Purchase; Dan- Manufacturer Review Sample

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