GoG.com Kicks Off 5th Birthday Celebration With ‘Pick 5 for 80% Off” Sale!

GoG.com Kicks Off 5th Birthday Celebration With 'Pick 5 for 80% Off'' Sale!

GoG Pick 5 Sale

GoG.com is kicking off their 5th birthday celebration, and as always we get great deals on games! The first sale is ‘Pick 5 Games & Save 80%’. It is pretty simple – choose five games from a great list of 25 games, and you will have then all for around $10. What are you waiting for?!? Head to GoG.com now!

Also, they have added System Shock 2 as their one-day ‘Gem Promo’ – so it is $2.49, which is a complete steal for one of the best games in the history of gaming!

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