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September 19, 2013 • Gear Bits

Check Out the Trailer for the Upcoming Dungeon Defense Game ‘Evil Master Overlord’!

Evil Master Overlord

Evil Master Overlord

I love the under-served genre of dungeon defense games, such as the 90’s Dungeon Keeper games. In these games rather than playing the dungeon-raiding hero you are the master of the dungeon, warding off adventurers! A great looking new entry to the genre ‘Evil Master Overlord’ is coming to iOS and Android soon. Check out the trailer!

From the developers:

Evil Master Overlord (EMO) is an exciting dungeon defense game with a recognizable tile-matching puzzle style mechanic that will soon be available on the iOS and Android platforms. It will appeal to gamers who cannot get enough of the dungeon defense strategy games and are looking for something new and original.

They are also hosting a weekly giveaway through their Facebook page. Here are the rules:

1.Between 12:01am PDT on Thursday and 11:59pm PDT on Friday of each week, go to the Evil Master Overlord Facebook page and look for the Game Giveaway posting. It will be pinned to the top of the page.
2.Post a response telling us either why you like Evil Master Overlord or why you should win the game we’re giving away.
3.That’s it!

Here is the trailer:

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