Pocket Informant Saves My Day

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Pocket Informant Saves My Day

Ever have just “one of those weeks”? I have been having one. Between several work commitments, service appointments at my home, and some family and friend obligations, it has been a week of juggling appointments and rearranging schedules. Unfortunately, this week also highlighted my biggest complaint about iOS: iCal. I can’t stand that my only options are list, day and month. The lack of integration with tasks is also a pain. A busy schedule only highlighted these limitations, and made me realize it was time to bite the bullet and find a better option.

Luckily for me, the good folks at Pocket Informant have stepped forwards to help. I will be testing Pocket Informant Pro, a full featured calendar/tasks/contacts/notes management app, as well as Pocket Informant Go!, a lighter version that just does tasks and calendars. As much as I try to resist over-organizing myself, I recognize that without a solid system I forget appointments and lose track of important tasks. I used Pocket Informant in my Windows Mobile days and liked it a great deal. This week I will see if the iOS version helps me out of my stressed, disorganized whirlwind. Or at least, I’ll see if it helps me spin myself in the right direction!

But, I am not just sharing this to brag about my newfound desire to be more organized. WebIS, the folks behind Pocket Informant, want our readers to give PI a shot as well! We have four copies of PI Pro ($12.99) and PI Go! ($1.99) to give away. And we are giving them away… starting now! All you need to do is leave a comment telling us why you need a better task and calendar system.

Work/life balance a bit out of whack? Trying to manage kids, sports, work, and household and need a hand? Or maybe you just like having tasks and calendar in one place. Whatever the reason, let us know what it is, and which version of PI you want to win. Winners will be picked at random on Wednesday, September 19th. (And make sure to subscribe to the newsletter because there’s a very good possibility that someone may win a copy when this week’s edition comes out!!)

And stay tuned for my full reviews of Pocket Informant Pro and Go!


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