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October 3, 2013 • Gear Bits

Still Looking to Pre-Order an Xbox One or PS4? May Help

xbox-one-vs-ps4-578-80Every time a new generation of gaming consoles is released, there tends to be great buzz and excitement as fans start pre-ordering their devices.  As is the case almost every time, retailers start selling out of the first shipment of consoles very quickly.  If you’re still looking to pre-order, check out which can alert you when pre-orders become available.

I, like many consumers, was on the hunt for an Xbox One pre-order.  If you navigate to’s Xbox One page, it lists all available packages, bundles, etc. and lets you know where you can order them.  You’re also able to set up email alerts that will email you when your selected item comes back into stock or is available for pre-order.  After following the site for a little while, it appears that Walmart releases a few of the Xbox One Day One Starter Bundles and Solution bundles each day, but you have to be very quick to grab them.

I was fortunate enough to find a Target nearby that still had Xbox One Day One pre-order cards available.  These cards cost $10, but they reserve a Day One edition for you at that Target store within the first week of the console’s release.  If you don’t feel like stalking the alerts, I would definitely recommend calling around to your local Target stores to see if these cards are still in stock.  Or, if you can wait until either late December or early January, you can pre-order an Xbox One from a later shipment on Amazon. also has a page specifically for the PlayStation 4 as well.

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