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The other day we took a look at a Slickwrap’s carbon fiber skin for the iPhone 5S. The skin offers complete 360° protection of your flagship iPhone. If, however, you have an iPhone 5C Slickwraps also has you covered. There are numerous wraps from which to choose and, best of all, the Slickwraps offerings are nicely priced. See them.

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The package I received for review was a Slickwrap Glitter full body wrap for the iPhone 5C. It. Is. Very. Pink.

Slickwraps explains,

The Glitz Collection will make your phone look like a million bucks. Available in six new styles, Glitz is the touch of flare your phone has been missing. With removable glitter inserts, you can easily transform the look and style of your iPhone 5C. So what are you waiting for? Step into the spotlight with the Glitz Collection!

Like the offering for the iPhone 5S this package included the wrap and a screen protector. And it is under $23.

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Bling’s! Millions of metallic sparkles reflect light in all angles

360º of Stylish, Ultra-Thin, High-End Protection

Easy to Apply and Remove

Included in every package is a Slickwraps XD Screen Protector that fits perfectly in every wrap.

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The gentle curves of the iPhone 5C means the Slickwrap covers the back and sides without requiring the use of separate side pieces. The product comes with two pieces, a back and side piece and a front piece in addition to the screen protector.

Like the Slickwrap for iPhone 5S we previously reviewed, the application process is surprisingly easy. Even a novice like me can do an install that looks just about perfect. I made sure the back and sides of Elana’s iPhone were clean, pulled the wrap from its backing, held it over the phone until it looked pretty much centered and then slowly placed the main part down. I began working from the center of the phones back out so that there were no bubbles, and within a few moments the entire pack was in place and bubble free.

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I then carefully pushed the sides over the edge and into place. Much to my amazement all of the buttons lined up perfectly with the cutouts. A bit more pressing, and I had complete back and mostly complete side coverage. (More on that in a moment.)

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The face of the iPhone also gets covered, although you don’t HAVE to use it. I carefully pulled it up and then, beginning with the very top corner of the iPhone, placed the Slickwrap down and into place. The super thin sides of the iPhone screen were perhaps the most difficult aspect of this, but even that was dealt with in short order.

Neither I nor Elana love the bright, pink color and glitter of the review sample, but that is simply a matter of personal preference. Elana did note that, despite its name, the wrap actually offered a bit of additional grip to the otherwise slick iPhone 5C.

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My biggest issue with this design is the fact that it leaves the corners of the iPhone 5C exposed. Considering the fact that the corners are the most vulnerable part of an iPhone it’s a bit problematic from my perspective. Still, if you are worried about protecting the corners of the phone or you plan to use a clear snap on case, such as that offered by Speck, you will be quite happy with the way this product is quickly able to transform the look and feel of your iPhone 5C.

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Slickwraps offers a huge variety of styles and colors and all of them are nicely priced. Check them out here.

MSRP: $22.95

What I Like: Inexpensive; Includes screen protector; Easy installation; Huge variety of styles and colors

What Needs Improvement: Corners are not protected

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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