Catalyst Introduces Their Waterproof Cases for the iPhone 7 and Apple’s Latest Smart Watch

Catalyst, the award-winning manufacturer of some of the most stylish, while protective waterproof cases on the market too to Showstoppers here at CES 2017 to announce they have again raised the bar for overall waterproof protection for smart devices.

Catalyst Introduces Their Waterproof Cases for the iPhone 7 and Apple's Latest Smart Watch

The popular brand announced the launch of the Catalyst cases for the iPhone 7 and the latest 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 here at CES 2017. All of their latest products will be available for purchase this Sunday, January 8th at, as well as being able to purchase at Best Buy stores. If you have the smaller 38mm Apple Watch Series 2 will be available later this month so don’t think that Catalyst isn’t looking out for you.

“We are thrilled to be announcing the launch of our iPhone 7 and Apple Watch S2 cases at this year’s CES and that Catalyst products will now be available at all Best Buy stores nationwide,” said Catalyst CEO June Lai. “Customers can now get essential all around, everyday protection for their Apple Watch Series 1 at any Best Buy store and unparalleled, industry-leading, waterproof protection for Apple Watch Series 2 at selected Best Buy stores. Our newest cases are the most rugged, waterproof and stylish we’ve ever made and to see them on the Best Buy shelves within reach of so many people is incredibly exciting.”

Catalyst Introduces Their Waterproof Cases for the iPhone 7 and Apple's Latest Smart Watch

The Apple Watch Series 2 Waterproof case by Catalyst has been waterproof tested to last for up to 330 feet (100 meters), which is double the rating of just swimming with the Apple Watch Series 2 without a case. If you’re not up for a dip this winter, the case is also dust, dirt, sand and impact proof so that new gift you got over the holidays will stay protected all while still looking awesome.

Catalyst’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases are waterproof tested as well for up to 33 feet, which also doubles the rating of even their own previous cases. Catalyst is all about keeping your phone waterproof, but not at the expense of making the case bulky so they’ve slimmed the case down a bit, as well as made the front and back clear to show off your Jet Black iPhone 7, without possibly giving you hairline scratches on the device itself.

The Catalyst Case for the iPhone 7 is available now starts at $79 with the iPhone 7 Plus ($89.99) cases available in March. The 42mm Apple Watch series 2 Catalyst cases will cost $59.99 and the 38mm version will cost the same price when it becomes available. For more information, head over to today.

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