Where’s George Makes Geo-Tracking Money Fun

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Have you ever received a dollar bill with a stamp that said “Track me at www.wheresgeorge.com“? One of the dollar bills that my stepdaughter got for losing a tooth had that stamp on it, so the first thing we did this morning was check to see what the site Where’s George was all about.

geardiary-wheres-george-dollar-bill.52 AM

We clicked the option on the left, “I found a Where’s George? bill, and I want to see where it has been.”

geardiary-wheres-george-dollar-bill.42 AM

We were asked to enter the bill’s serial number, verify that Kelsey had the bill in her possession, and enter our zip code.

geardiary-wheres-george-dollar-bill.27 AM

After verifying that the bill was in their database, Where’s George asked for a short note about where it had been found and its condition, we were also given the option of receiving future notifications should the bill enter the system again.

geardiary-wheres-george-dollar-bill.43 AM

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The last screen was a history of where the bill had previously been; on September 9 it was entered into the system in San Angelo, Texas as bill #383,831, and 41 days later it is showing in Eldorado, Texas as a gift from the “tooth fairy”.

Pretty cool, right?

I think it would be fun to get a rubber stamp made for tracking bills we spend, but I don’t handle enough of them to make it worthwhile; I’m all about debit cards these days. =)


Have you ever received a “Where’s George?” bill? Are you a “Georger”?

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