Griffin Separates Case for iPhone 5/5s Review

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Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. That’s the case with Griffin’s Separates Cases for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. There’s nothing fancy with these cases that are essentially a protective bumper and a colorful backplate. Where these stand out is in the ability to mix and match numbers and backplates from various cases in the line. See them all.

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Griffin explains this line by saying:

Separates’ patent-pending 2-piece case combines a polycarbonate backplate with a color-keyed polycarbonate/TPU frame for protection at edges and corners. Molded-in covers protect the buttons, and the raised rim keeps the touchscreen away from grit and dust when face-down on a table or desk.

Here’s our video look.


  • Polycarbonate/TPU frame with molded-in button and switch covers
  • Crisp contrasting graphics on clear polycarbonate
  • Back and frame are interchangeable with other Separates cases
  • Free downloadable matching wallpapers at
  • Patent-pending design

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As you can see, the Separates Case for iPhone 5/5S is a highly-protective but simply-designed case. Once the iPhone is inside the sides, corners and back are fully protected. And the offset between the blue and black of this particular case- part of the Color Basics collection- looks rather neat. I especially love how the Apple logo shines through!

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This side shot lets you see just how protective this case is. The mute toggle is recessed but accessible while the volume buttons are covered but fully functional. I do love the level of protection this case design offers.

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From the top of the iPhone down you see the complete coverage of the sleep/awake button as well as the uniform coverage the case’s bumper provides.

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Finally, the lay-on-the-table design means you can lay the phone face-down on a table and be confident the screen is protected.

I especially love that this is an entire line of cases that have the same designs. As a result you can purchase two or more of the two-piece cases and “mix and match” the parts. As they explain,

Every Separates back and frame is interchangeable with other Separates cases. Get one and your iPhone is perfectly dressed. Get another and now you have a basic wardrobe. Add a third, swap with a friend, and before long, you’ve got an entire closet full of mixable, matchable looks, always fresh & new.

Griffin’s Separates line of cases is simple in its design approach but don’t misconstrue that as being boring. The cases are highly protective, look and feel great and the fact that you can mix and match pieces is pretty neat. Add in the ability to go online and download matching wallpapers and you have a basic case that is also practical and fun. Keep your eyes out on Halloween 2013 since this is going to be one of the Trick-or-Treat giveaway items. (Not sure what that means? Come back later today and you will!) Check out all the designs here.

MSRP: $29.99

What I Like: Basic but not boring; Lay-on-the-table protection; Good overall protection; Look great; You can mix and match pieces and download matching wallpaper

What Needs Improvement: No included screen protector

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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