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Penclic-R2The Penclic Mouse R2 is designed as an ergonomic alternative to the typical computer mouse.  Designed in Sweden, the Penclic was created to coerce it’s owner to use healthy and natural movements to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI, which may be caused by regular use of a typical computer mouse.  The Penclic Mouse R2 retails for $80.

Contents of the retail package, including: Penclic Mouse R2, Travel Bag, nano USB dongle, telescoping microUSB cable, and rechargable AAA battery (not shown).

Contents of the retail package, including: Penclic Mouse R2, Travel Bag, nano USB dongle, telescoping microUSB cable, and rechargable AAA battery (not shown).

The Penclic Mouse R2 comes nicely packaged with a few accessories.  Underneath the mouse itself, you’ll find a handy travel bag for your mouse, as well as a tiny nano USB dongle, and a telescoping microUSB cable that charges your mouse.  The telescoping microUSB cable is a very nice surprise as it travels very well while wound up.  Also inside the packaging are a couple of books with tech specs and a users guide.

Closeup shot of the buttons and scroll wheel.

Closeup shot of the buttons and scroll wheel.

The Penclic Mouse R2 itself is composed of two major parts: the pen and the base.  If you can imagine a swiveling pen attached to a tiny mouse, that’s basically what you’ve got with the R2.  Underneath the base is a laser that tracks your mouse movements around your desk as well as a power on/off switch and rechargeable batter compartment.  On top of the base is an LED indicator, a scroll wheel that scrolls webpages, documents, etc., and the pen.  The pen itself has a soft rubber grip that feels good on your fingers.  There are five distinct buttons on the pen:  Left Click, Right Click, and Middle Click are on the right side of the pen, while the Backwards and Forwards click buttons are on the left side of the pen.  The backwards and forwards buttons can be used for Internet surfing.

Bottom of the Penclic Base, showing power switch, laser, and battery compartment.

Bottom of the Penclic Base, showing power switch, laser, and battery compartment.

It takes a little getting used to, but once you figure out where you place your hand and fingers, it’s easy to go from there.  The index finger falls naturally on the left click button, which is obviously very important.  The right-click button sits just above the left click button and can be depressed by the back of your index finger.  The center click button is above the right-click button and to depress this button, you’ll have to move your index finger up the pen a little bit.  The forward and backward buttons are accessed by your thumb pretty easily.  The scroll wheel is another story.  The most natural, comfortable way for me to use the scroll wheel is using my middle finger, while still gripping the pen with my index finger and thumb.  Unfortunately, even though this was the most natural and comfortable way for me to use the scroll wheel, it definitely doesn’t feel natural or comfortable.  Although it may not seem like a big deal, since you’d normally use your middle finger to use the scroll wheel on a typical mouse, it’s just not the same.  Since you’re gripping the pen with your index finger and thumb, your hand is already leaning to the right (if you’re a righty, that is) and that means when you access the scroll wheel, you’re using the right side of your middle finger, not the cushy pad of your finger.  It’s just one of those things you’ll have to experience to truly understand.

The Penclick Mouse R2 in use.

The Penclic Mouse R2 in use.

That’s not to say that the Penclic Mouse R2 isn’t great for those who have wrist injuries or those who prefer the feel of a pen in their hand rather than a mouse, it’s just not my cup of tea.  Maybe I’m just a slave to the prototypical mouse.  I can definitely understand how the Penclic Mouse R2 prevents RSI as well as how it assists those who already have RSI.  The Penclic is a fantastic option for those with RSI.

The Penclic Mouse R2 can operate on almost any surface and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.  The Penclic Mouse is also offered in a D2 model and B2 model which is corded and Bluetooth, respectively.  The Penclic Mouse R2 can be purchased from Amazon, here.

MSRP:  $89.95

What I Like:  Comfortable gripping surface;  Pen feels good in my hand; Wireless and Rechargable battery is a plus; Telescoping microUSB cable; nano USB dongle.

What Needs Improvement:  Location of scroll wheel is tricky and uncomfortable; Takes a while to get used to.

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review sample

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