My Spy Birdhouse Takes Birdwatching to a Voyeuristic Level

My Spy Birdhouse Takes Birdwatching to a Voyeuristic Level


Occasionally, my wife, Sarah will point out products she thinks we should cover on Gear Diary. Often they’re interesting or unusual, and sometimes they’re just “oh, come on, you’ve got to be kidding me” ridiculous. The My Spy Birdhouse we saw on TV today clearly falls in the latter category, and Sarah practically fell off the couch laughing at it!

What is the My Spy Birdhouse? It’s a birdhouse you suction to your window, so you can spy on the birds as they build their nest and hatch little baby birds. It raises a number of questions, chief among them who looks at a birdhouse and thinks “This would be improved with suction cups. And a two-way mirror.” I also have some serious concerns about suction cupping a birdhouse to a window…one good storm and the birds are suddenly experiencing a more open floor plan.

You can check out the details of this truly terrible “As Seen on TV” idea. And no discussion of it is complete without the full commercial:


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