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January 14, 2014 • Gear Bits

You Can Get Ready for Spring but There is NO WAY to Get Ready for the Mankini!


Yes, this IS Sasha Baron Cohen and NOT anyone connected to Gear Diary

I may share a name with Sasha Baron Cohen, but I don’t share his willingness to do just about anything for a laugh. Case in point — the Mankini. Yes, he really wore this. And yes, you can get your own. Better still, it is currently on sale over on Gadgets and Gear.


Go From Beach Bum to Beach YUM With Your Brand New Mankini! Are you brave enough to bare all in a Mankini? Not just for the beach, the Mankini is the perfect item to wear at formal events such as graduation ceremonies, embassy cocktail parties or funerals. For too long, men have been discriminated against in the bikini stakes. Sure, they could try to fit into a standard women’s bikini, but all too often with disappointing results. Creatively designed to offer the minimum coverage for maximum exposure, the Mankini is definitely guaranteed to attract onlookers and turn heads.

Best of all, the Mankini, which is normally $19.99 can be yours for the sale price of just $12.99! Check it out here.

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