Jabra Engage 75 Headset Is a Headset Like No Other

If you are like me, much of your work day is consumed with phone calls. There are calls you make with your softphone, calls you make with a landline, and calls you make with a computer. All are made better thanks to the Jabra Engage 75 Series headset. Various models are available. All share the same impressive DNA.

The Efficiency Angle: Switching Your Office to VoIP

The days of the landline are long over, but cell phones aren’t always the most reliable. That’s why, when it comes to minimizing operational downtime, more businesses are considering a shift to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

I Can Hear You Now Thanks to the IPEVO VX-1 Internet Conference Station

My synagogue’s executive director recently asked me to look into purchasing a conferencing device so Board members unable to attend our monthly meeting could still be part of the conversation. I’ll admit it never would have occurred to me to check out the IPEVO VX-1 Internet Conference Station were I not offered one for review. I was and am impressed.

Get Connected With the New Jabra MOTION Office Bluetooth Headset System

Jabra is introducing a new phone system that gives you an assortment of different ways to connect. The new Jabra MOTION Office Bluetooth Headset System adds three different kinds of connectivity and a simple way to control it all. Based on the Jabra MOTION Bluetooth headset the system will be $380 when it arrives Q2. It puts Jabra to work. 

The Jabra BIZ 2300 Is the Call Center Headset Evolved

When was the last time you called a company and could barely understand the person on the other end. There’s a good chance the person was sitting in a crowded room with other people who were also speaking, and their headset was junk. The Jabra BIZ 2300 can fix that … and it won’t cost an arm or an ear.

When the Weather is Bad, Do you have to go to Work?

With much of the country in the grip of some of the coldest weather we have experienced in years I thought of one thing: Do you have to go in to work? With current technologies allowing you to work almost anywhere with no issues are snow days a thing of the past? For myself and many like me that is the case.

V-MODA BoomPro Microphone Review – You Can Definitely Hear Me Now!

The V-MODA BoomPro microphone cable for the V-MODA Crossfade series of headphones adds a boom microphone to the already-awesome Crossfade M-100 headphones. Sure the M-100s ship with a cable that has a microphone but this microphone makes a world of difference. At just $30 it is a terrific add-on to an already amazing pair of headphones. Get it. It seems a bit odd to be writing a review for what is essentially an accessory for an accessory, but when the first accessory is the V-MODA Crossfade M-11 headphones (read our review), and the second accessory makes them even better, the latter item deserves…

Ooma Telo VoIP System Review – Functions Like a Landline While Saving You Money

We pay a fair chunk of change for our family cell phone plan each month. As a result, we opted not to add a landline when we moved into our new home. However, we had the opportunity to test out the Ooma Telo VoIP system, and it might just swing us into believing in having a dedicated line for the house. How does it work, and why is it persuading us? Read on to find out!

Keep the Conversation Going Anywhere Anytime with the Voyager Legend UC

I reviewed the Plantronics Voyager Legend back in September. It was a fantastic upgrade to the Plantronics Voyager (a longtime favorite of both Elana and me) in most every way. It features 7 hours of talk time, 11 days of standby time, Bluetooth 3.0, wideband audio; A2DP streaming and much more. The available battery case, which both protects and charges the headset was a welcome accessory. My conclusion at the time? “It is, by far, the best Bluetooth headset I have reviewed. And the fact that it is under $100 is rather amazing to me.” You can read the full…

Stay Connected to Family in 2013 with Sony’s Camera and Microphone for Skype

I’ve become increasingly enamored of video chatting. It is handy, convenient and it works well; it also saves gas and time. For example, I do most of my High Holy Day sermon writing with my friend Lawrence. We bounce ideas around, rip initial drafts apart, and share illustrations. In prior years we would get together two or three times and have marathon writing sessions together. This year we didn’t get together once; instead we used FaceTime and Skype. We didn’t need to travel, and we were able to “meet” far more times than we could have in the past. Similarly,…

The netTALK DUO WiFi Review

It occurred to me the other day that the last time I used a “standard” phone was… well, actually, I can’t remember. Yes, Elana and I went “all cell” some time back and we haven’t looked back (except when the microcell went down Friday and I couldn’t make calls). Instead of a landline, when I make voice calls these days I use my iPhone or I use my iPad and Line2. We do have an Ooma Telo system here at home but we haven’t felt the need to plug it in. Still, when I was offered the chance to review…

Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth Headset and USB Adapter Review

We took a look at the Jabra Supreme headset back in October. (Read the review.) It was an impressive Bluetooth headset; it offered active noise cancellation, and the headset was designed for noisy environments. The active noise cancellation cut through much of the ambient noise and allowed for clear conversations on both sides. Sure, the active noise cancellation created a funky feeling in the ear, but the pay off was clear, clean, crisp phone calls. Also impressive was the actual design. While I don’t tend to be a fan of large noticeable Bluetooth headsets, this particular offering has the convenience…

Line2 for iOS Gets Updated with MMS and Location Sharing

  I’m a big fan of the Voice Over iP service Line2. The company’s iOS app is clean, fast and lets you make clear calls, especially when you are in a high-speed WiFi network. (They also offer an Android app and I’m hoping to see a version for Windows Phone soon but I have not heard anything about that… Yet.) I use the app all the time and, now that Elana has gone all Apple I’m encouraging her to do the same. Why? Simple! If we use Line2 enough we will be able to drop down to a lower bucket…

Turn Your Mobile Device into an Awesome Desk-Phone with Native Union’s Curve Twin

Thanks to services like Line2, my iPad makes for a great phone. Seriously, so long as I have a good data connection, the tablet offers a huge screen for dialing and an excellent noise-canceling microphone for making speakerphone calls. But what if I want to use my iPad, or my iPhone, or my iPod touch or, shockingly, a device running an OS other than iOS as a VoIP phone AND have the calls be private? That’s where Native Union’s amusingly functional line of handsets come in. Many of the designs simply connect to the 3.5mm headphone jack on my handsets…

Native Union’s Curve Twin Handset Perfect for Multi-Device Professionals

We’ve previously reviewed a number of products from Native Union, and we have been impressed by the design and utility of them. That’s why Judie and I made sure to set aside time to visit the Native Union booth at CES. We are glad we did, because a couple of the items that were in the pipeline for 2012 really impressed us. One of them, the $59.99 Curve Twin, is finally available and for those of us who use multiple mobile devices; it promises to be a great accessory. As the Press Release notes, Universally appealing to anyone who uses…

Yes, I Can Hear You Now; Thanks to Vonage Mobile

This is a sponsored post, all opinions written here  are mine. Make Calls, Save Money Have you tried Vonage’s new mobile app? It lets you make free calls to other people using the Vonage app. It lets you save 70% over the major mobile carriers and 30% over Skype’s rates. It works over WiFi, 3G and 4G wireless data networks worldwide, with WiFi being the most economical method of all. And it is simple. The interface is familiar, you can add calling credit right on the device itself themselves in increments of $4.99 and $9.99 and the call quality is…

Vonage’s New Mobile App is Easy to Use, and It Saves You Money

This is a sponsored post, all opinions here-in are mine. Make Calls, Save Money As crazy as it sounds, there are still people in the world who use their iPhones and Android handsets to …  make voice calls. I know, Crazy! Right? If you are one of them, and, especially, if you travel internationally, the cost of those calls can add up quickly. Vonage has been around for quite some time, but they’ve just released a new iPhone and Android calling application that is pretty impressive.  I’m already using it for calls when I’m in a WiFi network; although the…

Line2 Taking the iPad to New Heights

I tried Line2 when it first came out and didn’t continue after my trial period. Then Line2 came out with a fantastic iPad app and I tried it again. This time I immediately signed up for the upper lever service for a year. Ever since I have been using it to turn my iPad into a speaker phone. It works great and is one of those apps I use daily. I had a chance to stop by the Line2 table and meet one of their representatives. She asked if I wanted a trial and I explained that I was already…