Happy 25th Birthday Nintendo Gameboy!

Happy 25th Birthday Nintendo Gameboy!

Oh, the simplicity of the original Gameboy handheld console.

Did you have a Nintendo Gameboy in 1989? Tetris, Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby and Zelda were all mainstay games that eventually helped the handheld console reach over 119 million units in sales. The portable dynamo laid the ground work for today before its last iteration, the Game Boy Micro in 2005. What are your favorite GameBoy games of all time?

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  • jmscar82

    I love my Gameboy. I still have my light accessory and IT STILL WORKS!!!

  • My parents got me one for Christmas in 1989 (it came out a few months later in the US), as I was traveling a lot for business. I know people probably thought it odd me and my gameboy in the airports … I really didn’t care! It has lasted through both my kids and STILL works perfectly!

  • Mike Siebenaler

    Thanks for the comments. Nice pic and care over the years! I have such fond memories of being introduced to the GameBoy World at my cousin’s house. 🙂

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