Car2go Adds Parking for Port Columbus Airport


I recently reviewed Car2go, the convenient car sharing program that has taken Columbus by storm. Today they have added a convenient option for Columbus users in that they can now jump in a car, drive to Port Columbus,  catch the shuttle to the terminal, and then catch their flight with only a $10 additional cost.

How does this work?  If you are a member, just get into any Car2go in the zone, drive to The Parking Spot where they have dedicated Car2go spots. Once you park, unload your luggage, end your trip, and catch the shuttle bus to the terminal.

On the way home it’s just as easy.  Once you get off the flight, you can use your computer or the app on your phone to reserve a car.  Since the car reservation only lasts for 30 minutes for these cars at the airport, it’s not a good idea to do this before your flight.  Once you have done this, get to The Parking Spot shuttle, and when they pick you up, tell the driver you have a Car2go reserved.  They will drop you off near the Car2go parking, and you can drive home.

I would definitely use this to get to the airport if Car2go had expanded to my area of town.  For now, the closest I can get is German Village, which is about a mile north of me.

I hope that car sharing services like Car2go become available in even more cities, as the need for a car (or a second car) can often arise; adding the airport option not only gives locals a way to get to the airport but visitors who are Car2go members can also take advantage of this, which makes this a win for Columbus and any city that has Car2go with airport parking.  I may even try it to get home from an upcoming business trip just to see if it works as well as I think it will. The only problem I see is that luggage space in a Smart ForTwo is at a premium!  So if you are trekking to the airport for a week-long jaunt, it might not work for you unless you pack light!

What do you think?  If your city had this as an option would you use it?

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