The Aiper Surfer S1 Solar Pool Skimmer Will Keep the Surface of Your Pool Clean So You Can Focus on Relaxation

For the past two years, Aiper’s robotic pool cleaners have been helping us get the most out of our backyard oasis. While we still get weekly professional cleanings, the Aiper robots keep the pool neat between cleanings. The company recently announced its new Aiper Surfer S1, a solar-powered surface cleaner; it’s the missing piece to your clean pool puzzle!

Aiper Surfer S1 Solar Pool Skimmer

Tall trees surround our backyard. As a result, before using the pool, we need to spend time skimming it. Is it a complicated process? No. Is it an enjoyable process? Hell no! Thankfully, the upcoming Surfer S1 will make skimming pools with a net a thing of the past.

Aiper Surfer S1 Solar Pool Skimmer

As the company explains,

The Surfer S1 is a smart water surface cleaning robot powered by a solar panel that efficiently removes unwanted debris floating in your pool. Like a surfer catching a wave, the Surfer S1 moves effortlessly across the water’s surface, controlled from the palm of your hand with a free mobile app for Android and iOS.

“Owning a pool should be fun,” says CEO and Founder of Aiper Global Richard Wang, “but pool maintenance can be a laborious, expensive, and time-intensive task. We want your pool to be central to transforming your backyard into a personal oasis and a place of relaxation. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in R&D to produce pool cleaning products that merge technology with innovative design to create easy-to-use pool cleaning solutions that give you back time in your life.”

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That’s precisely what the Surfer S1 will do since, once it is running, it takes over the job of surface skimming.

Able to work in pools of all shapes and sizes, the Aiper Surfer S1 automatically removes unwanted debris like leaves, insects, hair, flower petals, and more by skimming along the surface for up to ten hours. This is accomplished thanks to motorized paddle wheels that draw power from a solar panel on top.

Aiper’s robotic bottom and side cleaners must be fished out of the pool between cleanings and recharged, so including solar power makes the Surder S1 even more convenient. The combination of both kinds of Aiper robotic cleaners will mean you’ll have a clean, swimmable pool whenever time and the weather permits.

Aiper Surfer S1 Solar Pool Skimmer

The Aiper Surfer S1 is packed with intelligent features. These include anti-beaching columns that prevent the device from getting stuck and two ultrasonic wave sensors that detect walls and prevent collisions. When paired with the free mobile app, you can monitor the Surfer S1’s performance, schedule cleanings, battery levels, and alerts.

Aiper Surfer S1 Solar Pool Skimmer

The Aiper Surfer S1 offers two different cleaning modes. When set to automatic cleaning, the device works independently so you can focus on pool time relaxation. When using the remote cleaning mode, you can use the app to manually position the device to specific “trouble spots.”

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Between cleaning sessions, the remote cleaning mode even guides the Surfer S1 back to the edge of the pool so you can quickly empty the debris it has collected.


  • Efficient Cleaning: The Aiper Surfer S1 utilizes a brushless motor and paddle wheel designed so your skimmer efficiently cleans more of your pool in less time as it hunts to clean dirt and debris.
  • Solar Charging: Eco-friendly, worry-free, hassle-free cleaning. Place the device in your pool, and let nature take charge.
  • Superior Battery: Fully charged, the solar battery of the Aiper Surfer S1 provides up to ten hours of surface cleaning for your pool.
  • Path Optimization: Ultrasonic detectors recognize and avoid your pool walls while aiding navigation and increasing the cleaning coverage of your skimmer while safely providing an edge-to-edge clean for your entire pool.
  • App Support: Monitor the performance of your device, check battery levels and cleaning statistics, receive alerts, and even pilot your device manually – all in the Aiper App.Two
  • Cleaning Modes: With the Aiper Surfer S1, cleaning happens your way. In addition to automatic cleaning, you can manually control your device through the AiperApp, allowing you to target troublesome spots in your pool and hunt down elusive debris.
  • Anti-Spill Design: The Aiper Surfer S1 debris collection system ensures hassle-free cleaning and maintenance, leaving no mess in your pool.

Aiper Surfer S1 Solar Pool Skimmer

The Aiper Surfer S1 Solar Pool Skimmer will come in your choice of black or white and will launch early in 2024 for $599.99. You can learn more about it here.

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