Incipio Phenom Case for iPhone 5S Is Far More Protective Than it Appears

Incipio Phenom Case
If you are looking to protect your iPhone 5S without spending a fortune — and without burying your iPhone deep inside a case that looks and feels like a bank vault — the Incipio Phenom Case for iPhone 5S is for you. It looks and feels like a simple but colorful TPU case but offers excellent protection for under $40.2014 05 01 14 56 13

Incipio is quick to point out all of great features of the Phenom. Interestingly, they don’t seem to use the sub-$40 as much of a marketing tool. To my mind that is one of the most compelling features.

Lightweight Case with Phenomenal Drop Protection for iPhone 5s: The Phenom Case is engineered with three layers of armor to provide your device with superior, durable protection against shock, wear and tear. Despite its added layers of protection, the Phenom Case is extremely slim and lightweight, and includes a soft-touch finish for convenient portability. Featuring dLAST™ material technology in the interior cushioning, the Phenom Case is given Incipio’s Impact IQ™ standard of excellence for next-level shock absorption to shield your device from impact. The revolutionary co-molded case offers three layers of defense.

The Incipio Phenom Case measures 5.0″ by 2.44″ by .44″. In real terms that translates to a case that is thin and does a good job hugging the iPhone, so you don’t feel like too much weight or bulk has been added to the phone.


Innovative tri-molded design for superior, durable protection

The highly protective nature of the Incipio Phenom Case for the iPhone 5S comes from the company’s use of various materials in specific, strategic locations. The rigid back combines with impact resistant sides and a special drop-protective interior to offer a case Incipio promises will keep your precious phone safe from life’s daily bumps and bruises. The soft touch finish makes sure you get “a textured, comfortable hold.”


All of this comes together in a case that has a “sleek, slim profile despite its added layers of defense”.

Video Look at the Incipio Phenom Case for iPhone 5S

As you can see, the case looks great and doesn’t feel clunky in my hand. The soft-touch finish really does make the Phenom a pleasure to hold. It also adds just enough grip to the phone without appearing to try too hard. I love the fact that the Phenom is available in so many cool color combinations.




If you want a case that adds a splash of color AND drop protection, but you don’t like the look or feel of the available rugged cases, then the Incipio Phenom Case may be the case for you. It is thin and light, but it was clearly designed with a focus on drop protect in mind. I have not personally tested just how protective the case is, but Incipio makes a good argument for it when describing the materials they opted to use. Add in the fact that the Phenom comes with a screen protector and portable stand for under $40, and you have a case that is sure to impress on multiple levels. Check out all the colors and features here.

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Colorful; Thin and light but still protective; Includes screen protector and stand; Great value

What Needs Improvement: Color combinations won’t appeal to everyone; You will either love… Or hate… the soft-touch material

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Incipio Phenom Case

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