Audrey Hepburn Is One Glamorous Google Doodle

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Audrey Hepburn Is One Glamorous Google Doodle Listen to this article

audrey hepburn google doodle

Today, Audrey Hepburn would have been 85 years old; to commemorate, Google has released a doodle in her image. A gifted actress, international style icon, humanitarian, and one of the most beautiful women ever, Audrey’s life was cut short by appendiceal cancer at 63. What better way to celebrate her life than to do something kind for a needy child?

A few years before deciding to leave her home in Switzerland to be UNICEF’s voice for the children in need (1988), Audrey had watched Bob Geldof’s Live Aid (1985). This single televised event made her realize the enormous power of the “industry” she had left behind to care for her own family. The Media, she understood, raises both our awareness and our responsibility towards what we see and learn. Thinking today about that simple fact, we would love to tell her that now, thanks to the Web, millions have a voice and the unprecedented possibility to change the world. 
To the many that love her today and share her example on the Internet, I would like to say you are the drops that form a stream, a river able to heal the scars. She would be amazed.  It makes what would have been the look in her eyes and smile on her face just so easy to remember. –


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