Felix TwoHands II: A New Handle on Tablet Stands

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Felix TwoHands II: A New Handle on Tablet Stands

Using tablets in all aspects of life mean they are viewed at every angle, on every surface, and in both portrait and landscape orientations. Having a stand to accommodate all of these needs is important, and the Felix TwoHands II stand provides a handy and unique way to hold tablets. Read on to see how it fared.

Felix TwoHands II: A New Handle on Tablet Stands

The TwoHands II uses its tiny fingers to grab on and hold onto any tablet measuring in at 10.5″ or less — and 3/8″ or thinner — and to hold it at virtually any angle on a flat surface. When not in use, the TwoHands II sports a slim profile that easily fits in my gear bag, adding no bulk and taking up minimum space. The stand is light, made of durable materials, and it looks unique enough that it is kind of stylish.

Felix TwoHands II: A New Handle on Tablet Stands

Using the TwoHands II is as easy as using a chip-clip. Simply squeeze the back handles and let it grab onto the tablet. Placement on the tablet will change the view, so the stand has almost endless possibilities on orientation angles. When the tiny hands are wrapped around a device, they are held snug with small rubber bumpers that also keep the stand from causing scratches.

Felix TwoHands II: A New Handle on Tablet Stands

The simplicity in design is what makes me like this product. The Felix TwoHands II is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” kinds of devices. The device is pleasing to the eye and comes in six color choices ensuring everyone can find one that fits their personality.

Felix TwoHands II: A New Handle on Tablet Stands

In an era of fancy tech gadgets and accessories, it is refreshing to see a product designed to work without the need of bells and whistles. The TwoHands II is unique and fun, but most of all, gets the job done. We use our iPads while working in the kitchen almost daily and this is the stand that we keep coming back to. My wife thinks it is the cutest thing she has seen for her iPad. If you need a stand for a tablet, take a look at the TwoHands II. It might be the simple product you are looking for.

The Felix TwoHands II is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $19.99

What I like: Simple elegant design for a product that simply works.

What could be improved: I wouldn’t mind seeing a smaller version for phones.

Source: The Felix TwoHands II was a Manufacturer supplied review sample.

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