Energems Review: Portable Chocolate-Based Energy

Energems offer bite-sized energy that is conveniently hard-coated for portable power anywhere. Made in the U.S.A., these edible discs taste great and provide adequate energy at only 15 calories each. The hard coated shell holds a milk chocolate with a unique ingredient mix with only seven grams of sugar.

Let’s unpackage this edible potent portable. Energems are classified as a dietary supplement and have also been called an “energy replacement” and a “supplement”.

The Hype

“Energy Never Tasted so Good”

Take control of your energy with real milk chocolate Energems. Just pop one, two or three Energems for the spot-on boost of caffeine and B vitamins you need—anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re a computer programmer, supermom or college student, being anything but your best is not an option. And when you’re on the go from morning to night (and late night), you need to find ways to keep yourself motivated… Ways that don’t come back to haunt you… Or allow a half-assed version of yourself to show up… Or taste like crap… The way energy drinks and energy shots do.

Making the most of every single moment—no matter how big or small—makes you who you are. Enter, Energems: a better-tasting, more portable, less in-your-face, non-jittery way to manage the energy you need. Anywhere, anytime. Besides, who doesn’t love chocolate?

The Reality

Energems Review: Portable Chocolate-Based Energy

The Energem name is effectively branded. Treat these little discs like real gems because they provide a nice energy boost. Consumers will want to make each Energem count.

Energems Review: Portable Chocolate-Based Energy

Each 1.13 oz (32 g) box contains relatively small quantity of nine Energems. The surprisingly durable packaging works especially well for people on the go. It’s a nice consideration, so consumers don’t damage these precious gems.

The small calorie count is great and considerate to consumers. Why try to get healthier and perform better with something that adds more calories. That calorie count put Energems at 135 calories a box compared to a 230 calorie 1.69 oz (47.9 g) bag of milk chocolate M&Ms.

The official serving size is three Energems but consumers get recommendations to take one, two or three Energems at a time. Three Energems are supposed to be equivalent to drinking one energy drink. Three Energems also approximately equal the caffeine in one strong cup of coffee.

Energems are mainly made with delicious milk chocolate. The three current Energem flavors are chocolate, mint and peanut butter. I am a peanut butter fiend, but I liked the mint taste the best.

The other ingredients include amino acids, artificial colors, B-vitamins, caffeine (75 mg per serving), L-theanine (a natural supplement), and a small amount of sugar – a small fraction of the total in most energy drinks. Hopefully future Energems will use natural coloring ingredients in the future to improve the minor aftertaste from the shell (mainly when combined with the peanut butter flavor).

Now for the ingredients not in Energems. No phenylalanine, which is a major ingredient in the artificial sweetener Aspartame. No artificial sweeteners.

Energems pay off about 30 minutes after eating them. The pleasant after effects are felt in the head and there are no “crash” feelings. These solid discs help consumers avoid consuming large amount of liquid, which nicely avoids any stomach issues (bladder, “sloshy” feeling, etc.), but the small size makes them easy to overeat them.

Energems Review: Portable Chocolate-Based Energy

Energems provide even more consideration in their pricing including this summer special. They have created a highly recommended experience on all fronts – choosing, purchasing, storing, consuming, etc.

Energems Review: Portable Chocolate-Based Energy

You can purchase at www.energems.net or at retailers such as 7-Eleven, Barnes & Noble, Chevron, Dollar General, Kangaroo Express, Mobil, Shell, Smoothie King, Sunoco, and more!

Energems Review: Portable Chocolate-Based Energy

Besides the general energy-seeking public, Energems have also been marketed to gamers like me. They make a great combination with my Gunnar Glasses.

MSRP: $2.99 a box (3-pack of each flavor for $8.97)

What I Like: Their size; the mint and chocolate flavored taste; “solid state” energy delivery (over liquid); low-calorie; reasonable price; comprehensive consumer consideration

What Needs Improvement:  Outside coating taste; peanut butter flavored Energems taste

SourceEnergems samples provided by manufacturer

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