Drink Like a Winner with a Gold Medal Bottle Opener

Drink Like a Winner with a Gold Medal Bottle Opener

I am extremely excited for the upcoming Summer Olympics. Winter Olympics are ok, but summer is the best. Track and field, beach volleyball, swimming, beach volleyball, gymnastics, and did I mention beach volleyball?

Now, I am not so excited as to celebrate with a themed party (full disclosure: we did that in college for the winter Olympics, and let’s just say it was sort of like “The Hangover” but with mystery IHOP receipts instead of casino ones). But if you do, you need to fully commit to it, and Gadgets and Gear has you covered with a medal-style bottle opener:

Are you feeling underappreciated for all your hard work? Can you outdrink all of your family and friends? Are you awesome? Then do we have the right thing for you! Show off just how awesome you are with this Winner Gold Medal Bottle Opener! This gold-colored, 2.25” diameter, zinc-diecast bottle opener comes attached to a 15.75” red, white and blue ribbon to sport around your neck so you look just like a winner.

You’re a champion, you know that. So does your mom. But some less intuitive people may have no idea. Now’s your chance to proudly display just how much alcohol you can consume. The Winner Gold Medal Bottle Opener lets everyone know that not only can you drink more than anyone, but that you were even issued an award for it. Or you have your own credit card. Either way, your friends will be jealous and there is no better way for you to get the ladies. Trust us. So buy one today and display your bling with pride. Perfect for cracking open bottles of beer on the fly to show-off exactly how you earned the medal in the first place.

This would also be perfect as the finisher’s medal at a beer mile. Mmmm beer and running. Anyhow, if you have an Olympics-themed BBQ planned, or you are holding a “shoot the boot” contest, these would make awesome giveaways and prizes! Only $9.95 at Gadgets and Gear!

And because discussion of the Olympics is never complete without it, here’s a beach volleyball clip:


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