Sony Style Cover Stand SCR10 Xperia Z2 Case Review

This is our third Sony Xperia Z2 Case Review, and it’s the case I am using daily. The Sony Style Cover Stand SCR10 Xperia Z2 is the case that comes directly from Sony. Well, to be accurate, from Sony via an importer. The case cost me a little bit less than $30; here’s why am I such a fan.The Sony Style Cover is by far the thinnest and lightest of the three we have looked at. Available in three colors in order to match the different offerings from Sony, I purchased the white version to match my white Z2. In retrospect, I think I should have picked up the black one since I expect the white case is going to show dirt rather quickly.

Xperia Z2 Case Review

According to Sony this is

The official bi-fold case from Sony for the Xperia Z2 is ideal for keeping your smartphone’s screen free of scratches and dust. Made from high quality materials, this official Sony case is the perfect match for your Xperia Z2 – protecting your smartphone from daily wear and tear. Lightweight and bulk-free the official case from Sony is extremely slimline, while still offering excellent protection from knocks and bumps. The sleek design offers a lightweight and bulk-free feel that keeps hold of the Z2’s natural styling.

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The exterior of the case is made from “polyurethane leather”. In other words it is a synthetic material that has a bit of the look and feel one might associate with leather. Make no mistake about it, however, this won’t pass for leather. Not even close. That’s not a complaint, but I don’t understand why companies refer to synthetic materials with the word “leather” and in the process insult our intelligence.

As a protective case this works quite well.

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The interior shell grabs each of the four corners of the phone while leaving all of the ports, controls and access points open and available. Most importantly, it means you can use this case with the Sony dock. I am only using the magnetic charging system, because I have no interest in opening and closing the waterproof door covering the micro USB port. A case that doesn’t allow for this functionality isn’t going to get my recommendation.

Video Sony Style Cover Stand SCR10 Xperia Z2 Case Review

In short, as a folio style case this is quite nice. It is thin and light, but it has an elegant look and feel. The cutout for the camera and flash are no larger than they need to be, and it holds my phone quite securely. All of the ports and access points are open and accessible, and the cover has a notch at the top and the bottom so that even when the case is closed the stereo speakers can let you enjoy your music.

Style Cover SCR10 – Made for Xperia™ Z2 - Sony Smartphones (Global UK English) 3

The case has one other trick up its sleeve. As we have seen with other cases, this particular case is also a desk stand. It only works in landscape but that makes perfect sense – especially since it gives you the stereo separation or at least as much as you get on such a small device. The desk stand functionality doesn’t hold quite as securely as some of the other options but it does work and is a nice addition to an otherwise excellent case.

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I’m glad this is the third Xperia Z2 case review I am doing, since there is something nice about using a case that was designed by Sony for their own product. The Sony logo at the bottom of the cover makes it clear that this is Sony’s official case, and the refined design complements the phone quite well. No, this won’t give you maximum protection but it will help keep your phone from scratches and it will protect the screen when not in use. Considering the fact that I recently purchased and received the Sony Smart Bluetooth handset, I suspect I’ll be keeping the phone itself closed more often but that’s something for another review.

Style Cover SCR10 – Made for Xperia™ Z2 - Sony Smartphones (Global UK English)

Thus far, the case has remained quite clean and I don’t see any noticeable wear. Whether or not that continues waits to be seen, but for now I’m quite pleased with this purchase and this is the case I’m actually using on a regular basis. You can learn more about the case here on the product page. You can place your own purchase through our Amazon Affiliate Store. [Affiliate link].

Source: Personal purchase

MSRP: Under $30 but not on Sony’s US Store

What I Like: Designed to perfectly fit and hold the Xperia Z2; Thin and light but nicely protective; Doubles as a stand; leaves open access to all ports and controls

What Needs Improvement:Stand isn’t as solid as other options; I got white and have concerns over its durability; Still, as you can see through this Xperia Z2 case review, this one is a winner!

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