Bluetooth SSSSSpeaker is a Quirky Collapsible Crowd Pleaser

The quirky, collapsible Bluetooth speaker known as the SSSSSpeaker has been designed by aiia, a Ukrainian design firm and is looking for funding on Kickstarter right at this very moment. It is designed to fit in your pocket and is easy to take along everywhere you go. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to pledge your support today!

ssssspeaker cover

The speaker pumps out 3 Watts of sound and has an 8 hour battery life. The silicone cup-shaped speaker can be arranged in three different ways, closed for full and indirect sound, fully open for more directed sound, and open but flipped upside down so that the cup is facing a flat surface, which will give you a muted sound. It  will also have NFC capability so you can quickly and easily pair your Bluetooth device to the speaker.

I’m excited to get my hands on the SSSSSpeaker, so stay tuned for a full review!

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