Wicked Audio Has Six New Audio Options

Wicked Audio is a favorite here at Gear Diary, but a well-known brand across the board. The lifestyle audio brand makes everything from headphones to Bluetooth speakers, so it should be no surprise that the company is taking to CES 2018 to unveil six new products that are sure to catch your eye.

If you’re into the “Truly Wireless” Bluetooth headphone scene, Wicked Audio’s Arq might be for you. The brand’s first completely wireless effort comes at a price of $79.99, and promise to be a hit thanks to awesome features like TWS programming in the earbuds that allow either bud to be the “master” for better connectivity to your device, giving you a better audio experience. Also coming with a built-in battery bank into the including carrying case, you can charge a separate device thanks to the included 2600mAh battery. With a high fidelity sound and enhanced bass, they even include noise isolation which is rare for truly wireless headphones at this price point.

The Enix is Wicked Audio’s full-size Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones that even being only $59.99, offer up comfortability that is unmatched but has an enhanced bass for those audiophiles out there. Coming complete with a travel bag, you can keep your Enix protected when not in use, all you have to do is fold them flat thanks to them being collapsible.

Available in three models, the Hum series (800/900/1000) are headphones that all look phenomenal but come with not just a great price, but features that set each other apart.

Hum 800 is the wired model that features the Fold-Flat like the Enix headphones, but come complete with over 20 hours of battery life thanks to being rechargeable. With an in-line mic and track control you can easily access your next song or turn up the volume, and if you don’t want to be bothered with your surroundings, the ambient noise reduction functionality that comes with them make these a great option, especially considering they only cost $49.99.

The Hum 900 series are the full-sized Bluetooth headphones that you’ve been waiting for. What could easily cost $399 elsewhere, the Hum 900 will only cost you $79.99, and they have premium features like 13.5 hours of playtime, a premium rubberized finish, and if you don’t want to go wireless, you can either use the included 3.5mm headphones jack, or the included Auxiliary cable.

The Hum 1000 are essentially a combination of the Hum 800 and 900 series. Coming in at $99.99, the Hum 1000 are a full size, yet portable effort by Wicked Audio that have all of the combined bells and whistles of the previous two models with Bluetooth, noise-cancellation, ambient noise reduction, and a special “all day war” exterior.

Finally, there are the Shred Wireless Bluetooth Sport earbuds. With a new year comes new resolutions, and if you are one of those who vowed to get more active, the Shred 2 might be a step in the right direction for you. The comfortable earbuds are a perfect fit for the gym and your wallet ($49.99), with offerings such as IPX4 sweat protection, a rubberized finish which is great for the gym, and Wicked Audio’s patented “Neck-lock” technology that all but eliminated the weight of the Shred 2 from hindering your workout.

We ultimately just want to ensure our customers have enough options to choose from when trying to find headphones and earbuds that are best for them and their lifestyle,” commented Paul Marshall, founder and CEO, of Wicked Audio. “We pride ourselves on keeping our designs fresh and surpassing the industry’s demands, all while sticking to our price points that are realistic for everyday users. The collection we’re releasing for the first time at CES should showcase our commitment to delivering what we’ve always promised, unmatched sound quality wrapped up in all that gritty sophistication, style plus everything else.”

For more information about all of these new Wicked Audio products, you can head over to their site today.

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