Best Buy Gets Bested by Improv Everywhere

What happens when 80 people, all dress the same as Best Buy employees– you know, a blue polo and kahki pants– and go into a Best Buy megastore in New York City? That’s what the Improv Everywhere Project wanted to know. So they gathered 80 willing participants, made sure they were all wearing the same thing and sent them into Best Buy one by one.The instructions were simple. The participants were told to go into the Best Buy store and just walk around. While they should not initiate contact with shoppers, if someone came up to them and asked for help they should do whatever they could to answer the questions. And if a Best Buy employee approached them they were told to simply play dumb. What happened next… and the reaction of the police… will make you smile.

Improv Everywhere

It is an old Improv Everywhere video but it is definitely worth a few minutes for the smile it will bring!



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