Smart Sizzors Are Like a Swiss Army Kitchen Knife

If you’re like me, you probably don’t treat that pair of scissors in your kitchen junk drawer very well. At best, you keep an extra set that you abuse by cutting wire, chicken bones, blister pack or heavy cardboard boxes, and they just continue to get duller and duller over time. With Smart Sizzors, now you’ll only need one pair!

Smart Sizzors

Regular utility scissors are designed for basically one purpose, cutting paper. And really, cutting more than a few sheets at the same time usually results in a ragged edge anyway. Scissors are notoriously difficult to sharpen, and most homeowners just struggle on with their inferior tools in the kitchen. The Smart Sizzors from are specifically designed to be durable and multi-functional. When I saw the opportunity to try out a set, I was excited to cleave everything in my house in twain.

One thing that is really important with any kitchen tool is comfort, and the Smart Sizzors are ergonomically designed to be used either left- or right-handed. The large handles have plenty of room for your fingers and offer lots of leverage for cutting through those difficult items like packaging and bones.

In fact, bones were the first task that I tried them out on. (Well, actually I would have used them to open the blister pack that they ironically came in…) Working with chicken in the kitchen is always problematic. There is danger of contamination if you make too much of a mess trying to separate winglet from drumettes for your Sunday football snack, and they are notorious for dulling scissors or knives.

With Smart Sizzors, I was able to cut cleanly through the joints of the bird like a knife through butter with very little effort, and that kept the entire process much more sanitary for my kitchen counter. Because they are dishwasher-safe, cleanup and sanitation was a breeze. Just rinsing any tool you’ve used on chicken and then drying it with a towel is a screaming invitation for salmonella, and I’ll bet more than one of you has done that with your regular set of kitchen scissors.

This versatile tool does much more than just cut paper and bone, though. In addition to a special hardened steel “cut anything” serrated blade design, they also have a handy bottle opener, nut cracker and wire stripper built into the handles and blades. Normally, kitchen scissors fall short at these tasks because the blades get dull and they get loose from the abusive use of most consumers.

Smart Sizzors2

Thanks to an adjustable tensioning bolt, Smart Sizzors allow users to retighten the blades after you use them like you know you shouldn’t. I have continued to abuse the test set on thick cardboard boxes to break them down for recycling, cutting wire and breaking into those previously impenetrable packages that retailers insist on shipping their goods in. After a month of use, I can’t detect any deterioration of the sharpness or utility of the Smart Sizzors. I’ve actually thrown away my “junk” pair of kitchen scissors, although I have kept one pair that I don’t use for food preparation at all.

But come to think of it, I can’t figure out why I’m even bothering to keep those. Since the Smart Sizzors are so easy to clean and use, there’s really no use for my old pair. Is it possible to get attached to a kitchen tool? If it is, it’ll be the Smart Sizzors instead of those clunky old orange handled paper shredders I’ve been using for years. Anybody want them?

Smart Sizzors are available for $24.00 from the AnySharp web store and many other online outlets.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Liked: These are a durable and versatile kitchen tool. Comfortable padded grip works for either rightys or lefties. The ability to adjust the blade tension should make for a long lifetime of use.

What Needs Improvement: It was ironic that they shipped in a package that I could have used the Smart Sizzors to open.

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