Out of Juice? Pocket Jump Charges Dead Car and Phone Batteries!


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Out of Juice? Pocket Jump Charges Dead Car and Phone Batteries! Listen to this article

This is a first for me; we’ve covered plenty of external battery packs on Gear Diary, but never one that was able to serve as both “an emergency vehicle jump-starter and portable power bank”, which is exactly what the Viatek’s new Pocket Jump does. You can back on Kickstarter for as low as $40 or get two for $70.

The Pocket Jump is equipped with Smart Charge technology and can recharge devices like smart phones, tablets and gaming devices, while still retaining enough power to jump-start a vehicle – all from the security and convenience of the driver’s seat. The Pocket Jump is also rechargeable and re-usable, ensuring safety and convenience for years to come.

Pocket Jump on Kickstarter

It’s durable and practical, yet sleek and stylish enough that you won’t want to leave home without it. It will be available in red, blue, silver and black versions.

For more information on the Pocket Jump, visit: www.supportpocketjump.com, and you can get place your pledge for one on Kickstarter here. If the Pocket Jump will truly be able to power your portable devices and jump-start your car when needed, then it sounds like it will be a must-have device!


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